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Custom file extension for emulator platforms


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I feel stupid but is there a way to customize what file extensions launchbox automatically uses in rom importing for platforms?

I know most of the custom importing is done by using the windows search feature and *.cue for example, but if I want to use the new feature Search for new roms ill need to make sure the Sony PlayStation platform only looks for .cue files, if it trys to add the bin files it would be a nightmare.

Just finished watching this

and noticed you guys even had trouble in the tutorial with NES save files trying to get imported lol

So whats up?

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In that example, it will only import cue sheets, it will automatically ignore bin files. Those were found because those were somehow not added on to the list, but Jason is getting them added on. Essentially, LaunchBox has a list of "do not import these file extensions". I gave him a gigantic list early on, but clearly it wasn't exhaustive enough.

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Ok cool. I did try the import feature the when it came out for my ps1 folder and it did nothing. Now I know why :)

I was kind of sitting there fingers crossed saying no bin files no bin files.

I think we as users should have more power over what file extensions are used and searched for.

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Why can you not just let us control this ourselves?

with the PSX it finds all the bin files and seems to grab a random bin rather than use my .cue file to point to the bins. This causes playback issues.


I also use a custom setup where cue are loaded and CUE are not, CUE are part of an m3u file to allow management of multi-disk games in a large library.

The biggest draw back to your launcher, and the biggest thing stopping me from diving right into it, is the fact that I cannot control this and will have to MANUALLY fix my 1200+ PSX games

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