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Resolved - RetroArch doesn't recognize 'Arcade' system - Informational


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I have a noob question.  I'm using Rocket Launcher for the first time but can't seem to get RetroArch running for MAME roms.  I've set up Launchbox as the default and active front end.  It lists the MAME roms as Arcade rather than MAME and when I run RetroArch, i get the error popup stating that it doesn't recognize 'Arcade' as a system.  Any suggestion?



Rlauncher RetroArch Error.jpg

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In Rocket Launcher there is supposedly a way to use custom names but I'm not sure how to do so. I went in to LB and used ctrl+a to do a bulk edit and I changed the name of my platform from Arcade to MAME and then I went into my LB folder and copied all the files from the Arcade folders in Images Manuals Music and Videos and pasted them into the new Arcade folder to switch them that will work but you can wait and someone with more than my rudimentary experience with Rocket Launcher may be able help you out with the cleaner solution. I think Brad missed the part where you were trying to use Rocket Launcher in his answer.

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