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BigBox preventing computer from sleeping


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One of the newer LaunchBox/BigBox updates has prevented my computer sleeping while BigBox is running. I believe it has to do with the recent implementation of background music in BigBox. I have diagnosed the problem further and have found that BigBox seems to be outputting an audio stream even though I have background music disabled and do not have any video or audio playing in BigBox.

Steps taken:

I used the cmd command "powercfg -requests" to figure out that a audio stream is currently "in-use" that is preventing the computer from sleeping. Closing BigBox solves the problem which tells me it is a problem lying somewhere in BigBox. Putting a "powercfg -requestsoverride" in on my audio driver solves the issue but is not an ideal fix because the computer will sleep even if I am listening to music in something like Kodi. If anyone can test this out for themselves or offer some help it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

*Edit* I have tested this issue on a separate computer with Windows 10 and the same problem persists, so I know the issue isn't a result of something weird on my arcade computer.

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Further testing
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Same issue here and the issue on bitbucket has no comments or votes. I know not many people care about the sleep mode but it'd be great if someone has a tip to fix it

Got the "audio stream" entry as well even when there's no sound at all

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Unfortunately, this bug is still present in BigBox 5 years later.

It seems like the way BigBox implements Controller support is poor and keeps the computer awake. I have found a workaround that is not perfect: Disable Game Controllers in BigBox and use Steam Desktop Mode with your controller instead. This will emulate keyboard keypresses when using your controller.

The downside of this solution is that Steam doesn't seem to support key repeats or holding down buttons, meaning that navigation will be harder because you have to physically press the button many times to navigate.

I hope this bug can be fixed in BigBox.

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