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  1. Hi, I'm on Launchbox 13.12 (Windows) and I have noticed that after running the XBOX/Microsoft Store importer it imports ALL xbox (console) and microsoft store (PC) games I've ever played but not the games I truly own. I have never played a couple of my games that I really own, but they don't show up in Launchbox, on the other hand all the gamepass games, demos and apps I've played appear. I assume it's an issue with the importer-script you're using, as playnite has the exact same issue. Maybe there was a recent change in the Microsoft backend?
  2. same problem here theres no option to change the game theme i guess it must have slipped?
  3. BigBox doesn't let the computer sleep even when Attraction mode is off. There are a couple of threads and bug reports about this but none of them have a proper answer/fix/workaround. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/457/allow-sleep-hibernate-in-bigbox set to resolved but isnt https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2363/big-box-prevents-computer-from-sleeping-an https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1595/bigbox-does-not-let-windows-sleep https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/35201-bigbox-preventing-computer-from-sleeping/ could someone please take a look at this? I thought more people would be running their emulation box with standby/sleep in mind to have a fast access while still saving energy
  4. Same issue here and the issue on bitbucket has no comments or votes. I know not many people care about the sleep mode but it'd be great if someone has a tip to fix it Got the "audio stream" entry as well even when there's no sound at all
  5. Do you still require it? It's probably full of bugs and would turn your computer into a note7 as I am no programmer at all but It helped me and would look like this: but your bats probably do the same thing
  6. Maniac Manson has Amiga, Apple2, Atari ST, C64, DOS, and NES versions in the 1.9.0 set. There arent many ps1 titles in the set, actually there are just 2. Thats the game list by the way: http://hastebin.com/matijomeje.txt So ScummVM as a platform will be removed? What a sad day
  7. Hey, I imported the ScummVM 1.9.0 Set into Launchbox but it couldnt find most of the Media/Artwork. the 1.9.0 Set (and the ones before) use the full game title seen here https://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/ But the media scrapers I use and probably most other people too (HyperSync, Emumovies), use the short gameid for artwork instead of the full title. example: Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar (CD PS1).zip gets imported as "Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar" The artwork I found would be called "sword1.png" because the gameid is "sword1". Is there a tool that renames either the artwork to the full name or (probably easier) the "Roms" to the short name?
  8. Well, Launchbox doesnt have like 80% of the Media for it and EmuMovies and Hyperspin Sync only have media for the shortname/gameID. I guess I have to find a tool to rename the full game name to the short gameid to be able to scrape for media.
  9. Do you have any tips on how to get the Media for the new ScummVM (1.9.0) ? It doesnt use those short names anymore it uses the full game name like this:"Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar (CD PS1)"
  10. yup I installed 6.12 stable again (from beta 22) and it parsed the mame games perfectly fine without any duplicates/clones.
  11. I am on the latest beta and I tried importing a SPLIT mame rom+chd set into launchbox but it would always import every game and all its clones no matter if i clicked "originals only" or "skip clones and prefer region x". It didnt seem to do any difference so I had a lot of games that were imported 10-15 times. Is that a beta bug or am I doing something wrong? edit: a lot of games also would keep their filename instead of the parsed game name (comg079, comg094, comg107 etc) is launchbox not compatible with 0.180 ?
  12. Wait a second... how do you get ScummVM to work? I mean I've got it to work in Hyperspin+Rocketlauncher but I have found no convenient way to import all the scummvm games I have in Rocketlauncher to launchbox
  13. I was writing something up in C# it gets the sha1 filename from the sqlite db, finds the file in Data/Images copies it to launchbox and renames it. I've got one problem though... FS-UAE only downloads the files when the game has been clicked manually. So until i find a better way I have to click all those thousands of WHDLoad "roms" manually to let it download the images
  14. Is there any way to export the media and meta data that fs-uae has of the game and import it into Launchbox? About 30-40% of imported amiga games in launchbox have no media but can be found in fs-uae/oagd.net.
  15. Thank you it helped me quite a lot, unfortunately I still need to manually download from oagd.net for about 30% of the amiga games I know the dev of oagd.net doesn't seem to want to work together with the Launchbox dev but is there any other known "Tool" to sync or batch-download pictures from there?
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