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Acorn Archimedes Emulator How To?


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Hey everybody it's been a while since I posted but I'm back with more emulator issues and this time it's for the Acorn Archimedes emulator called RPCEmu.

I tried 2 others but not much luck and this seems to be the only one still being updated and in development as far as I know unless mame/mess supports it.

I have not yet tried that route but I have RPCEmu downloaded and a risc os 3.71 rom in my rom folder. I start up the software and it runs fine but I can not seem to figure out how to load an .adf game rom file.

I tried loading it in the cd rom slot but nothing happens.. then I thought maybe I should hit the reset button thinking it may just load on startup but no luck either.. anyone know how to run .adf roms on this emulator?

Also just wondering how we can configure a game pad there does not seem to be an option for this? I would not want to use this emulator with gamepad support is there a better way to emulate the Acorn Archimedes? Need some help with this, thanks..

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it feels strange replying to a thread that is almost two years old, but I just started experimenting with the Archimedes. 


In case the thread creator didn't figure it out, here is how you can run software on the RPCEmu emulator.


After starting the emulator go to DISC and select LOAD DISC: 0. Search and select the game you want to run by double clicking on it. It will bring you back to the main screen. In the bottom,, you will see 5 icons on the left side. The fourth starting from the left should be named :0. If you double click on it, the game should start.

What I haven't figured out is a way to mount and autostart the game directly from Launchbox. Anyone can provide help with that? Thanks.


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I actually have SOME games set up running on Arculator and some on RPC, but truthfully emulating this system is a bit of a pain

Reason i was searching is that I think i'm going to give up and actually just use different systems for the games that were on them within the Archimedes section.

However, yet to find a list of 'exclusive' Archimedes games for me to ensure i'm complete! If anyone has this let me know :)

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5 hours ago, steelcityjj said:

How'd you get the games to run in Arculator?  I keep getting a black screen when I try to run a ROM.  

Good question ?

I set it up around 3 years ago and it was a pita - pretty much needed individual config for each game.

What I can tell you is that it's done via Rocket Launcher and i have vague recollection of finding the instructions somewhere on the Hyperspin forums and doing some troubleshooting with a user called Diskmach on there, so worth heading over and checking it out!

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