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  1. Hmm, so working my way through manually to see what hasn't imported from the Roms folder (i.e. been ignored) - I'm down to C but it's a painful process... anyway got the following which are in the root folder but have not imported into Launchbox via the Rom import acchi.zip (Janken Game Acchi Muite Hoi! (Japan 1.3) - MAME machine (arcadeitalia.net)) auslalom.zip (Autoslalom - MAME machine (arcadeitalia.net)) bm3.zip (Beatmania III - MAME machine (arcadeitalia.net)) brainbaf.zip (Brain Baffler - MAME machine (arcadeitalia.net)) brkball.zip (Break Ball - MAME machine (arcadeitalia.net)) Now, none of these I'm particularly going to lose sleep over not being there, (in fact at least one should have been excluded in my original setup import where I told it to remove screenless etc) but seems an odd selection with no common ground to be missing, especially since I'm telling it to skip nothing on import
  2. Thanks. So I've already tried the clean install and it seems to be missing some I just tried the scan for removed suggestion in my old LB setup and oddly now I'm matching the number in the other clean install So what it seems is that despite me extracting using Launchbox (which had imported using a full set), a subset of that extraction now appear invisible to launchbox, even though it recognises them as part of the full set import... Very very strange
  3. Oh, the folder. Those 4 have worked in the beta. As separate entities as expected. Very bizarre I'm wondering if there is some way to easily remove additional clones / files that don't exist? e.g. if i went back to my old install (with the 2932), expanded all games (which will give me a TON of dupes as it's a full set import), then somehow clear out the ones that don't physically exist?
  4. But wouldn't they have imported as separate given I selected force separate? Also fwiw it's an export that includes next to no clones (about 20)
  5. Well, the beta seems to have worked (at least with those 4 roms) BUT, I'm still missing stuff... I have 2861 imported now, but I have 2929 in my folder Anyone any ideas on how to work out what's missing?
  6. Ahhh That helps! Silly question perhaps, but if i update to the beta then import, can I get myself out of the beta ring? Also, how do I actually get the beta?
  7. Okay, now I'm even more confused... I'm using the latest version (11.17) of Launchbox, full licence
  8. I do have a full rom set - this was actually trimmed and exported in my 'old' Launchbox setup as I'm trying to streamline. But if I import the full set I have the opposite problem, I clear out all the roms but every entry still has all it's clones linked etc which there doesn't seem to be an easy way to clean up... @Jason Carr sorry to bother you, but are you able to shed any light on the above - it doesnt seem like there is much rhyme or reason for the way this is importing
  9. To add to this weirdness, if I DRAG those 4 games in, it still only selects two of them, but the opposite two to what the rom importer does
  10. @Lordmonkus @Retro808 please help me, i'm losing my mind here So, I just deleted everything, starting afresh Import Roms -> MAME -> following options BUT LOOK - those TMNT (the example above, but must be happening with others I cannot identify) are STILL skipped. Even if I go back and select only the 4 zips they're skipped... There are right there in the folder... I can't see how any of the options I'm looking at would skip this?! How on earth can I get it to import every single zip I have in that folder. It does this whether i select all the zips individually or the folder, so that doesnt work... Is there an alternate way I can try this? Maybe if I import a full mame set can I easily clean up what I don't have somehow? (I don't think so, but maybe I missed it) Is there some alternative to importing this way?
  11. Kinda frustrating, seems that the unit way to fix then is to delete everything and start again, as if I import duplicate now I will get two of everything... Guess that means all images will need to download again too 😞
  12. I've been selecting to use mame data in the import options tho as well
  13. Yeah, I said that (two games, two versions of each). But in my previous setup it imported them as clones (additional apps is how it is listed in the UI), they're not there despite telling it to import everything Are you saying that on individual ROM import the behaviour is different to full set import and it will simply ignore them if I don't add them as a separate entity? And if so, is the only way to rectify this to delete and restart? Because if I select all files and try this it will duplicate everything or import nothing depending on options...
  14. Okay, so I've managed to find an example of something that hasn't imported I have tmnt.zip, tmnt2.zip, tmnt2po.zip, tmnt22pu.zip - two different games, two two player versions of those games. Despite having checked import all clones, it hasn't imported them, neither as separate games OR as additional apps within those games... no idea why... Guessing this is the case with a few others that I have hence the drop in number. Any thoughts?
  15. Okay, so I did this and I've ended up in a weird situation. In my old Launchbox setup I have 2932 individual games, of which 3 are roms i manually created, so 2929 This matches the filecount in my exported trimmed set When I imported via the Rom import listed above in my new Launchbox instance, I only have 2804. Since I can't open two copies of LB I don't know how to find out the disparity, but why would this occur. I've double checked and the zip files in the new LB instance is 2929, so it seems to be skipping some zips? I told it to import clones separated (and there aren't many anyway, that's part of the point) so what might cause this?
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