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  1. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    Will give that a try when I next have an opportunity for a play!
  2. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    Windows 10, standard home latest update Transparent, unified, standard, couple of others I tried too that I forget Q6600 processor reasonable Nvidia graphics card, 4gb ram. I can run dolphin no probs so spec shouldn't be issue I don't think Hth
  3. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    Thanks for the XML locations, I'll take a look If I'm in a system and load the theme change, menu comes up fine, but I'd say only 1/8 times it actually successfully changes the theme... On the first occasion, sometimes the second it doesn't crash, but usually after X attempts I get a freeze which requires an exit to get anywhere
  4. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    Thanks, The fading wheel was a minor niggle (not to mention the fact that I am missing a load of genre, and system clear logos and videos which seem essential, despite syncing etc) One related question I have is: While I know it's possible to set up theme and view buttons to change for a specific system, the theme change seems buggy and mostly fails and the view change is quite slow so will take hours to go through every system... Is there a text based (XML or similar I guess) way to set the theme/view per system to run through this and get an initial pass close?
  5. vaderag

    Launchbox/Bigbox + MAME + ServoStik

    I want to re-awaken this. New purchaser and trying to eliminate my usage of RocketLauncher within LB where possible... Servostik is essential to me and the moment i noticed i'm missing it is a massive frustration - RocketLauncher handles it really nicely and simply, so would be great to see this, but in the meantime is there a nice way to implement this?
  6. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    Great - thanks guys - i'll start my journey there
  7. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    Thanks, that's helpful. Reading between the lines there it seems like you're saying that actually Refried is the BEST, but Redux is GOOD yet simpler to set up? And if learning/time was no issue you'd recommend Refried?
  8. vaderag

    Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    That wasn't my comment - it seems there is no place for the gameplay videos IN the theme (at least in the demo vid it's all static images?)
  9. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    So... which is the best one for an LB n00b to pick? Both Unified Refried and Redux seems to be regularly updated, but the differences don't seem immediately clear (since they both compare to original unified)
  10. vaderag

    Unified Redux

    This might be a stupid question, but there is Unified, Unified Redux and UnifiedRefried that I can see - which should I pick? Redux is written by the creator of Launchbox so does this mean it's the defacto? They don't seem all that different but they all seem to rely on plugins etc which sounds like the barrier to entry is a little higher than just whacking the theme in the theme folder, so would like thoughts before i embark!
  11. vaderag

    Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    This looks amazingly beautiful. Would use this but seems lacking gameplay videos... if you could add then it's a shoo in
  12. vaderag

    BigBox - Select Random Game Feature fixed by "Wheel Spin"

    Looking for this feature, is the plugin here still the best way to go about this?
  13. vaderag


    I LOVE the theme. I think it's fantastic looking. But it slows my system to a crawl... no idea why, but takes ages to switch between systems etc so unusable for me. I'm not on a particularly low end machine either... (it can run Dolphin fine for example)
  14. vaderag

    BigBox - getting started for n00bz

    Is there any way to identify which themes have recently played playlists coded then? It's one of the primary reasons I moved to LB as was finding it frustrating not being able to find a game i was experimenting with to get back to it in HS
  15. vaderag

    BigBox - getting started for n00bz

    So I've been having a play... I'm finding on most of my themes, one of the views I have is a text list with details that I want, but I want the clear logos instead of text list... Am I right in saying that whether this exists or not is down to the particular theme creator? Or can this be overridden? I'm also still struggling to see how I get a list of recently played games Thanks for your help!