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  1. vaderag

    Substitute Developers for Publishers?

    It would be nice to get an IF statement in there (if I knew how!)
  2. vaderag

    Substitute Developers for Publishers?

    @SNAK3ATER ?! Guessing it's something to do with <Setter Property="Text" Value="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Developer}" /> <Style.Triggers> <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Developer}" Value=""> <Setter Property="Text" Value="- - -" /> </DataTrigger> But having not looked properly at how these themes work I'm purely guessing right now...
  3. vaderag

    How To Add Music To ROM Select?

    Is there an FAQ on adding Background Music? I have a bunch of MP3s that I want as background music to every game select, but not to top level platform categories or playlist selections... how can i do this?
  4. vaderag

    Need some background music recommendation

    That first playlist is perfect for what I want - how do I get Big box to play that?!
  5. One of the themes I'm just looking at using has a 'Developers' field and I've notice, at least on MAME that much of the time it's empty. Just wondering if there is a way to 'automatically' populate the developer field from the publisher field if it's unknown? Thanks
  6. vaderag

    RetrAO Cafe

    Thanks for your response - all seems to be explained quite well in the file - do you have any suggestions on the best things to turn on/off? Assuming videos, but I notice that some have backup png but I don't seem to have the PNG included with the theme (e.g. kevlar?) Edit. Definitely the videos - turning off scanlines made the biggest dent, but BG video definitely making things too clunky too ) Edit2. One of the views uses scanlines whatever the settings in that file. Looks like it's using the scanline video and the glitch video and none of the settings actually turn those off. If i rename the files then those views don't show up in the cycle, so seems that they break something...
  7. vaderag

    RetrAO Cafe

    I love the look and feel of this, but my machine is really struggling with it... (despite being fine with other similar themes) Anything I can do to minimise the memory consumption?
  8. Oh that red is much nicer! Even a set in the same blue as the others would be nice! If you have the PSDs I don't mind having a bash myself if time is an issue?!
  9. vaderag

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Thanks guys - they look exactly like what i was looking for! As you say - watermark is unfortunate, but i think i could live with it! Sorry for taking it slightly off topic, but where do i find these?!
  10. vaderag

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    So, just to try and explain myself a bit better... I'm not sure if this is related to your theme or LaunchBox (i don't really know where this vid came from!), but i get this video as a default for the top level Arcade category (and similar videos for Consoles/Computers/Pinball etc): What i'd love is a similar(ish) video to this but for sublevel categories - i.e. Mame / ScummVM / Commodore 64 that showcases the games on that system (rather than looking like a page from your theme) Hope that makes sense?
  11. vaderag

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Ah, I had come across those before (although i don't think i downloaded), but it's not exactly what i'm (ideally) looking for! What i'd really like is essentially the videos that contained in the frame in those videos - e.g. a selection of games from each platform... so that the platforms look similar to the major categories (Arcade / Computers / Consoles) etc Or better, a cool funky video like the general videos that has come broader stuff going on!
  12. vaderag

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    I renamed my theme folder to theme.old and then created a new one with only this in and it seems to have done it for me...
  13. vaderag

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    @RetroHumanoid where is the best place to get videos to go along with your theme? I've done the platform downloads from LB but some of them don't really match up...
  14. vaderag

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Can always hide items missing wheel images. TBH, I would love to see a better way of auditing artwork - the audit only gets you 10% of the way there... if i could easily add, tag, re-search database id from there would make it so much better!