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  1. Echoed. I havent got around to testing this yet due to too many thing going on in life, but I'm REALLY looking forward to doing so
  2. Honestly don't recall, and my machine is in storage right now so can't check. I would assume not however, since I'd likely have posted my solution if i did
  3. Nice setup, but the real win would not being confined to a room My wife actually asked me if I wanted to put the arcade cab I built in the Kitchen!! (she's not a gamer and is generally un-geeky, but I think she thinks I did a good job on it!!)
  4. Sorry if this is something that has been asked/answered elsewhere, but couldnt find a thread that helped... I'd like to find a way that when I pause an emulator, it will show a controller overlay with the button assignments for that system. Some systems are crazy complex (Amiga / C64 etc) When I was setting up Hyperspin I came across Hyperpause (which seems like it might do what I want, but never got around to doing that), wondering if anyone has a good way of doing it with LuanchBox / Big Box? I don't mind having to create images myself, that's not an issue (tho would be nice if I didn't have to, since Mame isn't going to happen if I do!) but actually showing them when a system is paused is the tricky bit. (Also taking that to the next level, would be great to somehow show combo's and things from certain games, but this is so secondary for me at this moment!)
  5. Thanks guys. Sounds like I need to add pinball metadata to my project list! (I have the vids now )
  6. Future Pinball and Pinball FX2 got lots of stuff?
  7. I'm wondering if this is just me or a broad issue, but I have Pinball Arcade set up with each game separate, and I only get metadata for a couple of tables... Anyone else finding this? Wondering if my naming convention is throwing things off or something... Thanks
  8. Amazing, thanks for the update! Can't wait for RC2
  9. When can we expect a version working with the theme manager?! This is becoming my go-to there after the hacks you provided in the download section!
  10. Been looking for a Lynx shader - super old thread but just wanted to say thanks!
  11. Wow, amazing. Thanks very much for tagging me as I would probably have missed this! I currently have a C64 setup that kinda works, but a) it has at least 6000-7000 games in it, b) there are button presses all over the shop to get through things and c) it's 50/50 when picking a game if i can get it to work! I will be watching this very carefully - I'll want it incorporated into my existing Launchbox setup (so will keep an eye out for those instructions), and sounds like I will need to adapt to 16:10 for my monitor(?) You have also inspired me to share my Acorn Archimedes work in a more robust way at some point soon... by no means as extensive as this, but I worked closely with a guy on the Hyperspin forums to get as much of that up and running as possible), so will look at posting that once i've finished my Hyperspin -> Launchbox transition!
  12. Can someone help me with re-mapping CD32 controls? I have the following (which indicates the mapping I want), and as far as I can tell Player 1 (Joy_1) is working, and player 2 direction keys are working, but no other buttons: keyboard_key_5 = action_joy_1_cd32_play keyboard_key_6 = action_joy_0_cd32_play keyboard_key_a = action_joy_1_cd32_green keyboard_key_c = action_joy_1_cd32_ffw keyboard_key_d = action_joy_1_cd32_rwd keyboard_key_escape = action_quit keyboard_key_f = action_joy_0_left keyboard_key_g = action_joy_0_down keyboard_key_h = action_joy_0_right keyboard_key_i = action_joy_0_cd32_yellow keyboard_key_j = action_joy_0_cd32_blue keyboard_key_leftbracket = action_joy_0_cd32_ffw keyboard_key_lshift = action_warp keyboard_key_n = action_joy_0_cd32_red keyboard_key_o = action_joy_0_cd32_rwd keyboard_key_s = action_joy_1_cd32_yellow keyboard_key_t = action_joy_0_up keyboard_key_u = action_joy_0_cd32_green keyboard_key_x = action_joy_1_cd32_blue keyboard_key_z = action_joy_1_cd32_red I havent found a game where I can test everything clearly, so not 100% sure all mappings are working on P1 but i at least have green and red working as far as I am able to tell Any help appreciated! Cheers
  13. Know this is a marginally different question, but trying to set up a bezel for Wonderswan and on resizing the video I'm finding that it's just cropping the output rather than resizing. Same thing on Atari Lynx and it resized okay... any ideas?!
  14. Ah - i suspect it's the first line that's the issue since that's set to on in my setup!
  15. Thanks - will take a look And then... how do I set the shader per system?
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