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  1. I'm a little confused and trying to work out what's going on In my mame playlists if I launch from LaunchBox then my game launches, I have artwork at the sides, my servostik switches as needed In BigBox, this happens with some games, but others it seems to launch an entirely different version and I'm not sure why. I'm assuming this is the cause (sometimes it's difficult to tell as version seems the same), but I miss artwork, servo etc Any ideas what might cause this?
  2. Thanks. I'm guessing most people don't come across any of that as didn't mention it when I install via big box. Will investigate
  3. Love the look of this theme - just installed and activated and seems i have a load of unsupported catergories (i.e. most played, favorites etc) This seems to be the case with most themes and isn't a problem apart from the fact that the text shows horizontally with the vertical panels and overlaps everything meaning I can't deciper what they all say Is there a way to auto-generate the missing banners somhow (in the same way the games do? Or am I missing a simpler fix?
  4. 8 way was there initially, I just added 4 way and set as primary Testing with LEDBlinky Controls Editor it's working as expected. Launchbox / mame seems to change it... Hmm... Looks like I might be using 25pacmano for some reason... It 20pacgal Why would this be?
  5. Name PacMan 25th I've changed the settings in control editor, am I doing this in the right place? Changed to 4way and set as primary
  6. Hmm... Just took a look and changed the control type from 8way to 4way and set to an primary in Ledblinky and still switching to 8 way...
  7. Thanks all! With that prompting I'm pretty certain I set this in LEDBlinky, so I will go dive into those settings
  8. Okay, so this is a really stupid question... I have LEDBlinky and ServoStik set up in my Launchbox, but I've completely forgotten how I did it as I did it so long ago. Everything works as I'd expect, but I just came across a game that needs the ServoSick to be in 4 way rather than 8 way... were do I set this in Launchbox? I've just been looking around and can't find it anywhere! Thanks
  9. Oh okay, so if I just clear that it'll go? Also with pause, should I be disabling the pause key in MAME istelf?
  10. Oh, it said in the description that you needed to disable autosave as it might not register the score but nothing about disabling save entirely. If it's disabling save why does the LB pause screen still offer those options?
  11. Given a few have good 10-15 minute boot times, esp CHDs it's handy
  12. So I just set up the pause screen and high scores in LB and removed autosave to get the latter to work So I've set up the save keys in MAME but when I try and save via LB pause screen nothing works So I turned that off and found that when I hit a save key I get a prompt to select a save location but the list is blank with nothing to select except "Return to Machine" so I get an error that file not saved. "Error: Failed to open file for save operation" Assuming this is why it's not working from the pause screen too I haven't changed anything else as autosave was working fine
  13. Is there a 'simple' way to move lists or control overlays in MAME? Was playing SFII the other day and one of my mates mentioned it, and thinking it would be super useful! Thanks
  14. I think I've found the solution to the volume issue (or at least an avenue to explore when I'm back at home) The fix for the corrupted files would still be very much appreciated however!!
  15. @SpuRge thank you! This looks like it might be my issue as well... will have a look at this later I have almost identical setup as you, volume keys set in WinIpac and in BigBox i think and am experiencing the same odd behavior! @Jason Carr fyi since you were helping me out on my thread over here:
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