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I need help and clarification on updating rom sets please.


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Hi, I need some insight on a few things about updating rom sets. Ok for starters I have a mame 0.133 bios pack. Now do I have to update the bios pack along with the roms. For example... I have rom set 0.161 and update it to 0.171 do I have to update the bios pack too? And if so do I have to update the bios pack from 0.133 to 0.134, 0.135, etc... until 0.171? I'm stuck on this and how to properly get the bios and roms to coincide with each other. The way I have been doing it was updating the rom set to .0171 and then inserting the 0.133 bios pack into the collection, is this the proper way? Also I really need help on the chd part. I know how to update, but I can't for the life of me fine the update packs for it? Are they the same update packs as the roms and I just have to update them separately? If not where can I find the update packs because I've been searching everywhere for 0.174chd and can't find it anywhere. All I keep finding is the rom set update packs. So whether you in box me the stuff that can't be posted or give me some insight on these things it will be greatly appreciated. 

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