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Sega Genesis "Bedroom" theme


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Hey guys!

I love the idea of bedroom themes for all consoles, and searching the web found an image that looked awesome and exactly what I would want!; a Sega bedroom theme created for the PS3.

I was not able to find a clean image of it (all of them were filled with icons and stuff), so I had to recreate a lot of the information in it, reduce the pixellation and resize it to 1080p trying to loose the least info possible.

Added some shadow and glow to the tv screen to make it more "real". Attached is the result.

I am posting here an example with Sonic for everyone to see, and in case anybody is interested in it (the png with the transparent space of the TV), to make it a proper theme.

Let me know and if so, I will upload a zip file with the shadow and glow variations in the TV screen.




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OMG this is great! can you make png overlays for Retroarch like this? Its basically the same thing, a bedroom png for each console with the TV being usable so i can resize retroarch to fit into it. I have something similar which I used from New Retro Theme and resized it. But I want something with a bigger TV and the cool posters and such. Does that make sense?


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Not at the moment.

Like the image I crafted in the first post, I started brainstorming some PSDs a long time ago on different ideas for different consoles, all based on the 90's / Nostalgia / Bedroom concept, so somebody with coding capabilities could make them come to life, but got sidetracked with other media projects for the scene and left this one behind.

Below are some images of what I was working at that time (base idea from handhelds was from a RetroFe theme by modjo, bg image used for the NES one came from artist Ângelo Fernandes, and the base for the SNES one came from the RetroPie user vice). Expand for true resolution:


If any theme creator is interested in making any of these come to life, I would gladly share the PSDs.

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