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  1. You mean the video that starts everytime i open bigbox?
  2. I tried task manager, alt+tab, trying to restart my pc and force reset. My bigbox is not running in admin. It happens with every single emulator.
  3. Hi there everyone, I am trying to run Big Box and open a game but whenever Retroarch opens, my bigbox starts to lock itself in front of everything. I can't get to the retroarch screen which is really annoying. I run Bigbox in fullscreen mode for anyone wondering. I tried some stuff already but that didn't work either. If anyone could help me, that would be great.
  4. It was amazing working and contributing for this project, me and faeran started this as a dream and we finally made it a reality thanks everyone! enjoy the theme!
  5. Me neither until i found them on the Emuparadise forums as a romset. Turns out Konami actually manufactured a drawing tablet only in Japan and it was called the Konami Picno. I mean it only helps the database having more platforms to be honest Here is a link that i found on the internet, it's a tumblr page that goes more in detail about the platform http://videogamesdensetsu.tumblr.com/post/142354502350/the-konami-picno-ピクノ-1992-a-drawing-tablet
  6. So i recently got this new platform in my collection together with the Benesse Pocket Challenger, both are not present in the Database. How can i contribute those platforms to the Database as there is no add new platform option? Thanks,
  7. Got some new backgrounds to share here ya go! Action Games , Adventure Games, Arcade, Computers, Handhelds, Shooters, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Atomiswave and Smash Bros Collection:
  8. hey @harryokecan you do the acorn consoles, i still miss those like the Acorn Archimedes and stuff
  9. good job @harryoke with the work on this while i am away! impressive stuff
  10. Also another cool thing, we have a pixel artist helping us with creating full blown retro pixel looking icons for indicating genre's, ESRB ratings, Player Modes and star ratings. Here's the first icon as a sneak peek from GreatLemon. Role-Playing Genre.
  11. This year, it's not released yet Great to see all the hype, we can't wait aswell.
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