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  1. RetroKenesis

    SuperGrafx Cases w/ Slip Covers

    Thank You! I will actually be updating this very soon with better source quality as well as my Turbo Duo CD pack!
  2. RetroKenesis

    SuperGrafx Cases w/ Slip Covers

    Thanks alot.
  3. RetroKenesis

    SuperGrafx Cases w/ Slip Covers

    Hey Guys. Been a WHILE. Been really busy with real life. For anyone I haven't messaged back or anything, Not ignoring you, just been caught up. With that being said, Here's my latest project. Almost done all the SuperGrafx games that have slip covers. Also going to do Darius Plus and Alpha. I thought about making fake slip covers for those but what for? Samples below. Thanks for your time.
  4. RetroKenesis

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

    I'm sure it's going to be 🔥💯 take your time 💪🏼
  5. RetroKenesis

    Cave Arcade Games 3D Boxes

    Thank you for this, this is DOPE. I'm a big fan of shmups so I can really appreciate this. Keep up the good work!
  6. RetroKenesis

    Sega Genesis "Bedroom" theme

    That shit looks crazy sexy bro! Keep up the great work! Puts my current bedroom theme to shame 🤣
  7. RetroKenesis

    Transparent Arcade Cabinets > Calling an Army of Photoshoppers

    @Mr. RetroLust It all sounds awesome! Been pretty damn busy as of late but, let me know what you need and i'll do my best to do what I can!
  8. RetroKenesis


    Your work is great! I hope you continue!
  9. RetroKenesis

    Console and Handheld Overlays

    What's going on guys? Been a while since I've posted anything. Been very busy as of late. Just recently got back to working on things after one of my major hard drives crashed. Currently working on finishing Turbo 16 custom boxes a bit but other than that, these overlays. I have a video from 2 years ago below that showcases some of my work in their "Version 1" states. Just know that alot of them are on version 2 and 3 at this point. Start the video at 2:59 for overlay showcase. If you enjoy the video and my work, please Sub to my channel. Other than that, I'll post some screens of all the version 2 and 3 overlays below. I'll release in the near future if people are interested. Thanks for your time. Nintendo Game Boy FINAL Nintendo Game Boy Pocket FINAL Nintendo Game Boy Color FINAL Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP FINAL Nintendo Entertainment System FINAL Super Nintendo USA FINAL Nintendo Super Famicom FINAL Sega Master System v1 Sega Master System v2 FINAL TecToy Master System FINAL Sega Mark III WIP Sega Genesis v1 Sega Genesis v2 FINAL Sega Mega Drive Japan FINAL Sega 32X WIP Sega CD FINAL Sega Saturn USA/Europe WIP Sega Saturn Japan WIP Sega Dreamcast USA WIP NEC TurboGrafx-16 FINAL NEC TurboGrafx-CD WIP Sony Playstation FINAL SNK Neo Geo AES WIP Dogyuun FINAL Osman FINAL Vampire Hunter 2 FINAL
  10. RetroKenesis

    SNES MSU-1 Disc Media

    This is DOPE!
  11. RetroKenesis

    Arcade Marquee Wallpapers

    Awesome Bro! Thanks!
  12. RetroKenesis

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

    @Mr. RetroLust, definitely worth it bro. Ninja Masters is FIRE! great work!
  13. RetroKenesis

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

    @Mr. RetroLust, I see you putting in overtime! Keep up the great work!
  14. RetroKenesis

    Sega Mega Drive - Japan 3D Box Art

    Thanks alot man