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Hi everyone! 

I was thinking about this feature now that I have a prototype of my virtual pinball/arcade.

At the moment I have like 15 000 games across all kinds of platforms. But wouldn't it be nice if you have something like a separate 'system' with only your favorites across all your systems? That way, you don't have to search across all the platforms when you want to play a game. I know there is already some kind of favoriting system in Launchbox, but I don't know how to utilize it with a keyboard (as I use an IPAC2-board for connecting all my buttons to the pc).


Does anyone know something about one or both of these features, or wheter or not they are on the planning to be implemented? I think these thing would be awesome, and definitely worth a look!




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This is possible currently in LB. In LaunchBox, on the left, go to the top of the list and click on the drop down box, and then favorite. In Big Box though, it's not exactly "View Favorites", though that should be there in the options so you can create a request for that at our BitBucket. You could go back in to the menu and view all games, and your favorites will be at the front of the list. Depending on the view or theme you're using too, you can press (usually) up or down to bring up the letter selector, and you can always select the star to go back to the start of your favorites.

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