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Current LB features missing in Big Box


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I prefer using Big Box over LB because it just looks sexy. However, there are two missing functionalities in Big Box that are found in LB and have been for a few months, but haven't found their way into the premium version.

First, there's no way in Big Box to select which disc you want on multi-disc games. Some emulators don't have a switch disc button either so there's no way to possibly play the second disc if you have the game listed as one entry in Big Box. I have to unlock by Big Box app and switch to desktop mode which is no bueno on the HTPC that I use.

Second, there's no way to structure your platform categories like you can in LaunchBox. I currently have all arcade systems nested under "Arcade", all consoles under "Consoles", Handhelds under "Handhelds" and old school PCs under "Computers". However, in Big Box all of the platform just simply appear in a long list.

I understand extra development is needed to make both of these things functional in BB, but I just wanted to bring it up in case it was an oversight. Thanks for a great product :)

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@DOS76 Thanks for the reply. I have the game details screen activated and didn't even realize that if I activate additional applications that I can choose which game disc to select. This is great! Thanks for that.

However, there is a small issue. I configure the launch game button to my start button and by habit I just hit that button without ever going to the game details screen. I only really go to the game details screen when I want to full-size the video or look at the box art (which is rare). What I'd like to be developed is a screen that pops up when you hit that button that asks you which disc you'd like to select, kind of like what Jason just implemented with allowing people to merge multiple versions of a game together (i.e. PAL, USA and/or Japan releases of the same game) and when selecting them, giving the user the option on which version to play.

Ideally, this screen would only pop up when Big Box detects that there are multiple discs to the game that you just launched. Maybe I'm imposing, but I think it'd be a great feature.

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