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FEATURE REQUEST: Extra "Layer" in Big Box


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Hi guys,

I was wondering what everyone thought about an extra layer in Big Box. Currently I have 60 real platforms and 5 playlists. It takes a while to scroll through. 

I love that LaunchBox has the groupings (arcade, console, handhelds, etc...). It would be great if we could apply those to Big Box as well. 

Then we would gave up to 4 layers: Platform Category, Platforms, Games, Game Details. Both Game Details and Platform Category views can be turned off (as game details can today). 

This layer (coupled with a couple of James Baker videos) would be awesome and would be unique to LB/BB.

just a thought

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I'm not surprised if Platform Categories would come to Big Box, it's just a matter of people wanting it and Jason getting to it. I know Playlists are coming too, and that's something he's working on right now. If it hasn't already been requested, click issues/requests at the top and request that Platform Categories comes to Big Box. I would make a search though first, and see if someone else has already requested it. If so, vote on their ticket first, if not, create yours and vote on yours.

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