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  1. Alright so it's not Launchbox itself. It was the new Theme Unified. I had to change the Platform to Arcade Classics and LEDBlinky didn't like that apparently. I modified the theme itself and we're back to normal. So no problems with LEDBlinky, forget it.
  2. Is there a problem with LEDBlinky? Since I went from the latest stable to the latest beta. LEDBlinky seems to be partially broken.
  3. That new theme is just perfect. It's my new favorite. A lot of little attention to all the platforms. You are now on the top of my list. Both systems are updated to this. I'm just waiting for the latest stable release of Launchbox to get everything.
  4. Cool @Hexxxer, I'd like to see a platform view with the video in full screen with the disappearing wheel. FutureState is still my favorite theme for my arcade cab and living room setup!
    Really cool, I like that. Also the cfg already done. Koodos!
  5. I'm willing to buy at least 1. Let me know. I need one on my htpc too. Peerluk
  6. Vraiment impressionnant, bonne idée. Envoyé de mon Nexus 6P en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. @DJQuad Yes that IfWinActive seems to do the trick in the platform AHK. I can just specify the game so it doesn't affect anything else but the game it concerns. AHK is very cool and super useful for mapping my Arcade cab on many games so far. Street Fighter at the moment!
  8. Wow ok, I really need to ramp up on AHK. it's seems full of possibilities. Thanks for the suggestions. I will start ready on this.
  9. hmm, then I might try that. I have nothing to loose. I wish we could use an ahk script per rom.
  10. Hmm, I think I understand what you mean. So basically add the emulator or windows exe game in the loop. If the process for that game doesn't exit kill ahk.exe? The problem with that is that I would need to loop every seconds or something like that because if it didn't notice that I exited the game right away, Launchbox wouldn't work correctly for a couple of seconds at least. I don't know
  11. I never used RocketLauncher before. Apparently there are very cool features with that. Speaking of which, do you know about a good Rocket launcher tutorial or is it easy enough to use? But I believe there must be a very simple way to do what I want. I'll try to add a kill task or something, I just need to figure out a way to trigger the even after the game has closed.
  12. Hi all, I'm sure somebody has done that already but I didn't find anything in the forums... I'm using AHK for a couple of games for keymapping. The problem is I need to make sure that the keymapping gets killed after the game is closed. I know I technically can do that directly in the AHK script but many key mapping scripts can be used on several games. So I'd like to use the same script for many games with as less as possible customization. So if you have a good, fast to implement on many games, way of doing so. Thanks for the advises.
  13. Freaking awesome, some little bugs here and there that I think will be fixed soon. That will definetely be my main theme once they are fixed. Keep up the good work!
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