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Big amount of roms painfully slow


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My roms are found on a nas, and Launchbox on a 5200 spin/minute 3tb hard drive. I have a huge amount of roms, and it's painfully slow when I switch from a system to the other. I also have a 128 mb free ssd but It can't contain all images and videos.

What is my best option ?

1. Putting everything in one folder with roms in subfolders in the 3tb hdd ?

2. Putting Launchbox in the SSD and the games/videos/images on the 3tb hdd ?

3. Not moving my actual setup ?

If I want to easily migrate how would I change paths easily?

Best regards

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If everything is on the same drive, migrating is easy as it uses relative paths. So long as you keep the file structure, you're good. But if you move one thing, you have to move everything. If your LB install is on one drive, but your emulators (as an example) are on a different drive, then they're assign paths with letters attached to them, and you'd need to load up the effected XML's with Notepad++ and edit the path letters. If you want to go from a relative path to an absolute path, Notepad++ will help there too. Otherwise, it sounds like your PC might just need some tune up. I have everything for my install on a 5400RPM 8TB drive, and things are really not that bad, with a 29.6k library. I don't expect it to be perfect all the time either, sometimes it will lag when it's caching for example, but that should be expected to any degree on most machines. Moving to an SSD wont provide you with a big enough boost to be frank. I see people all the time saying that they want to put their install on an SSD for speed, and based on my findings, you do of course get a performance boost, but it's not the same as a video game, we're not constantly streaming textures or audio. Increasing your RAM cache to 4GB can help in LB mode, if you have enough RAM, but mostly a faster / better CPU is the biggest factor. GPU helps mostly for Big Box Mode. Refer to this guide that @lordmonkus and I put together for more.



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Hello, thank you for the answer.

Actually my roms are on the network on the Nas, because I have 8tb on the Nas for space and I have 2 launchbox PC one on each room. In order to make the economy of space, I thought it would be better to keep emulators and roms on the Nas and not to duplicate them.

I have also 1 3tb drive on each computer.

I can't store all my roms and isos on 3tb drive, but I can move most of things on them if I need to (all stuff except most demanding isos)

Is it worth moving roms paths to the Launchbox folder ? Do Launchbox look on the network each times it loads the database ? or does it check the network only when the file is launched ?

Thank you


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It shouldn't be double checking that your roms are there, only if you initiate it to look, then it will. LaunchBox and even Emulators should probably be on your 3TB, but if you're not getting performance issues when playing games, then you're fine. The only thing that LaunchBox and Big Box will ping constantly is media, and you have that locally. Moving your games locally would only help for games that are having issues playing I would suspect.

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