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2 hours ago, Grila said:

Actually it is possible using a storyboard animation. XAML has a pretty powerful animation core if you learn how it works.

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Right, but is there a theme taking advantage of this? There is a ticket for the default theme to have something like this included.

Edit: So more aptly, possible, currently not being used? I'd love to see a theme include stuff like this though, and I know how powerful XAML is. There's tons of threads with stuff like this, a theme that adds in a bunch of this would be nice to see.

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1 hour ago, Grila said:

The OP never asked if there was a theme taking advantage of it...he asked if it was possible.

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True, which is why I revised my statement in my reply, but you're right, that does lie in themes, and currently there is no theme doing this. So the statement is yes, possible, I am sorry, but it's currently not happening. It still stands, request it to be in the default theme if someone wants, it may get there, but the themes like you create are the best chance for these things to get taken on.

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