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  1. The original author would have to fix it, is it's a community plugin. Jason and C-Beats don't have the source code for these, let alone the time to be fixing community plugins.
  2. @Lugawigaming @Jason Carr http://www.thecoverproject.net/index.php
    Very nice @thimolor! I like your style. The theme is super clean, highly recommend!
  3. Sure, may not be instant because of RL but I'll add it when I get time.
  4. Just got rid of the drop shadow on the element, simple edit.
  5. Actually, I think you'll have to copy the whole theme directory and rename it as something else. Then replace the file I uploaded. The reason being is I think Critical Zone is now packaged with BigBox, so I don't believe you can just edit the theme. It gets rewritten on each launch. Make sure to select the right theme in the BigBox options afterwards!
  6. Replace your file with this one, should solve your problem. HorizontalWheel3GamesView.xaml
  7. v1.4 Added the new RetroAchievements item (LaunchBox 10.8 and newer) to the main title bar
  8. Grila


    Update now available that adds this, version 1.4 in the downloads.
  9. Good to go @Rincewind, added the new version this morning. Enjoy!
  10. Sure, I'll try to find my original source file. Should be no problem. Can you give me the resolution you're using please?
  11. Love this theme @viking, excellent work. The bright white was melting my retinas at night so I made my own dark version Out of respect to you and your hard work, I will keep it for my own personal use.
  12. Ahahaha @neil9000, my biggest fan!
  13. Don't worry, I won't get rid of this version. I would put it out as a separate theme. I'll also try to find some time to add some different color schemes. No one has ever asked for that but I think it's a good idea. Glad you're enjoying the theme @bundangdon 👍
  14. @mywee I may update it to the new look, but my life is pretty hectic right now and don't have the free time I used to. Also, @neil9000 is correct with his statement about the home page.
  15. https://github.com/G-rila/PlaytimeTracker/blob/master/PlaytimeTracker/PlaytimeTracker.cs There are a few other plugins in my repositories as well that you can look through. After a quick look, it appears your problem is you are getting all your values instead of setting them.
  16. That's quite the collection you have there @neil9000! And a super sexy LaunchBox theme if I do say so
  17. New Version 1.3 Added a visual playtime setter/editor
  18. The Steam bug is a problem with the LaunchBox Plugin API, not my plugin. The problem would have to be fixed in the API by the LaunchBox devs.
  19. I'm actually working on this now and should have an update in a few days or so. It will allow you to manually enter playtime for any game from the right-click menu.
  20. @TheNewClassics I caught the error and uploaded a new version. I encourage everyone to update as well because the error would sometimes stop the playtime from actually being recorded.
  21. I know it works with pcsx2 so it might be because you're on beta, I'm on 10.6 stable. I'll update to beta and test.
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