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Mega Man Themes Collection

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 This is collection of 73 themes for all ( I hope) Mega Man games including logo and .xml file

If there is more Mega Man games (official release, good hack, etc) you want to see in this collection just let me know :)

Here is a little preview. Link to each theme in video description.


Mega Man Collection.xml

Enjoy :)


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6 hours ago, DrMUAPOR said:

AWWSOMe...very good work :)

Will be there maybe a Street Fighter Playlist? :$


P.S. is there anywhere a tut how i can create Collection for BB ?

Thank You for kind word :)

Yes, there will be a Street Fighter Playlist but currently I still working on The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania collections :)

You mean video themes? Hmmm got no idea if there is any tutorial for this but if You want to start with something very easy and basic there is Hyper Theme app included in Hypersin frontend, for more complex work I recommend Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate :) 


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