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Sorry to post again

I thought i had almost everything running sweet with the forums and tutorials help

hit a major problem

main drive failed so ive replaced and i thought i had cloned it and swapped all drives back to original allocation etc

most games now dont work

can i check for each system where its emulators looking for the roms or isos ?

thanks for any help

if i need to start from scratch so be it but its been 30 + hours


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Well, you can edit a game to see where the path goes, or go in to the LaunchBox/Data/Platform folder, and open up each of the XML's. That will also tell you the paths, and if you load it up with Notepad++, you can even find and replace the path. Make sure to do enough of the path so it doesn't grab random letters. So like, D:/ to F:/. If the paths look like this when you edit a game or look in your emulators list, "../../", instead of a drive letter, it shouldn't matter what drive letters it's on. For the rest, checking the path and then changing the drive letter of the drive (since it's new it's not too big of a deal yet), or editing the XML's, is the two easiest ways I can think of to fix this.

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DOS is a bit more complicated then regular roms. If you have an eXoDOS collection, and everything is extracted, and you ran the MS-DOS specific importer (in the import menu, there is a special DOS Item), then you may need to run the configuration / setups, and or pick a new exe, bat or com to load the game from. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error. With the eXoDOS too, there are special conf files for some games that will help immensely. I think LB was finding them for me automatically, but if not, you need to edit the game and go to the conf tab to select the games custom conf file. If you found random DOS games online, you wont have the special conf files, but the rest still stands.

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No, you don't need to test them outside of LaunchBox. There is no easy answer. You just try launching a game, and if it doesn't then there's a few things you can do. Edit the game, change the "setup" path or the main path (temporarily) to the configuration exe, bat or com (they change names between config, setup, or other random things). You run that, set up your options the way you need them (you generally pick the graphical and audio options). From there, re-edit the game, and try choosing the obvious exe's, bat's or com files and try launching the game. Generally speaking, I go for bat's first, but it depends. Usually the exe is shorthand for the game, the first letters of the games name, or sometimes really obvious like start or play. It just really depends. Remember, PC's have very little standards, and then we're talking about mid 80's to 90's PC's with even less standards. So to an extent, it's trial and error. It's really not that daunting, changing the exe's is really fast. You just hit browse then change them. I only worry about it when I actually want to play the game too.

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I would skip RetroArch for DOS too, and instead use the built in DOSBox. I swapped mine out with DOSBox Daum too, which is a possibility. There are several systems RetroArch isn't great at, DOS I would consider one of them. DOS games don't ever need to be assigned an emulator. They need to be imported as MS-DOS games (there's a specific importer for them), and they get flagged as DOS games and use the included DOSBox.

Edit: Otherwise, Ctrl + F turns RetroArch in to fullscreen mode, but you should set it in the options, with the core overrides or in your custom configs. You can also make the window bigger in the settings to instead if you'd like.

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