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I've always found it strange that there hasnt been much progress (to my knowledge) of an Original Xbox emulator. The system runs on and x86 pentium 3 and a modified windows kernel. Shouldn't that be easy for a PC to emulate? But honestly a friend of mine gave me his old xbox and titles are quite cheap. I'm having a lot of fun collecting for it.

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Well it's not just the cpu and os that needs to be emulated, it's all the other hardware in it and how it all works together. Also from what I have read on the net is that the documentation of the graphics end of the Xbox is absolute trash to non existent. Then there are other factors to consider which is true to every emulator out there such as interest in emulating and the right person with the right skill set having that interest.

There are often more than one or two simple reasons why a particular system gets emulated or not emulated. Hopefully one day soon we will see a working XBox emulator, I would love to play some of the games on it upscaled but until that comes it is good that XBox's and its games are cheap to collect for.

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I tried to find my post about this, it got a bit in depth. The Xbox being modded took off much faster and more prolifically then any other system until the PSP. However, unlike the PSP, it's very hard to emulate. It being like a PC is partially why it's complicated. Sure, it's a locked down PC, much less complicated than a DOS emulator or a Windows 95 emulator, but still. There is something to the way the original Xbox was that is really unique. We're essentially asking for a stripped down and locked down Windows NT / XP emulator. I am a bit surprised it hasn't really happened yet, but there is progress being made slowly. I see new builds go up almost every other day for an Xbox emulator, but it's nothing to write home about. The more complicated the system, and virtually no other help, certain emulators flounder. Saturn and Dreamcast come to mind, especially Dreamcast with it's shared connection with the OG Xbox. It's very complicated stuff. The Xbox has been hacked wide open, which does help things... but yea. For every reason why it should be progressing, there's another reason why it isn't, and it seems locked up.

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