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  1. Whoa this post is back from the dead. Yes when i have my old Lenovo y700 it had a Nvidia 960m and a integrated gpu. Most open GL Applications had some issues with diagonal screen tearing in most games. There was a driver update like 2 or more years later that fixed this but yes, my fix was forcing it to use the onboard GPU in some applications as opposed to the Nvidia GPU
  2. I watch video game streams from time to time, and i always see on the side "time stamps" of in game achievements or milestones. My question is say someone is streaming off a console how do they get the games to interface with these timestamps? I can understand a PC game having some sort of 3rd party addon but how would a seperate console game be able to detect and display such things?
  3. Hello! I recently upgraded from a gaming laptop to a gaming desktop. I took the SSD out of my laptop and put it into my desktop to put the OS and games on. When i copied over all of my launchbox files and roms i put them onto the secondary stock mechanical HDD that came with the computer to save space. Of course, it is much slower within BigBox and all of the menus compared to when i had the SSD in the laptop. I dont want to eat up my main drive with roms, but if i put the Launchbox installation onto my SSD along with all of the images and meta data, and kept the roms on my secondary mechanical SSD would it benefit the menu speed? Or should i move the roms to the SSD as well? Not sure if BigBox looks at the directory for roms constantly or just loads them off a list of what i have loaded. Thanks!
  4. Is there any simple way to bind Alt+F4 to a controller input Universally across all apps? Id prefer XBOX GUIDE+BACK but BACK+START works too. Thanks!
  5. Is there any application that lets me map a button press Universally across all applications to the controller? For example, I just want to configure my Wireless Bluetooth Xbox One controller to the following bind. Xbox Guide Button + Back converts to ALT+F4
  6. That exact command line doesn't seem to work with or without quotations. Retroarch doesn't even launch
  7. Are you speaking of the box i have highlighted in the image below? For example i want to use mednafen_psx_hw_libretro.dll to run this game. What would i put in the command line?
  8. Hello, I know that Lanchbox has a feature for changing the emulator on the fly at launch. But is there anyway to change the core per launch? Some of my n64 and psx games run better with different cores, it would be awesome if i could change them on the fly as well.
  9. I've always found it strange that there hasnt been much progress (to my knowledge) of an Original Xbox emulator. The system runs on and x86 pentium 3 and a modified windows kernel. Shouldn't that be easy for a PC to emulate? But honestly a friend of mine gave me his old xbox and titles are quite cheap. I'm having a lot of fun collecting for it.
  10. Thanks for your help. Im out and about for the night, will try out epsxe out later this weekend and let you know my results.
  11. I've tried a few different epsxe versions and plugin combinations and it always crashes when i launch. My system specs are Processor Up to 6th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor Operating System Windows 10 Home Discrete Graphics Up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB Memory Up to 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz I tried using the retroarch mednafen psx cores but i get poor performance even even in GL mode. I have tested the latest stable, and nightly builds of retroarch.
  12. Check it out. Sorry about the audio, I am new to editing videos. Keep up the good work!
  13. snoopaloop83


    Since you asked, my way of thinking has always been.... The universe is far to vast and almost infinite for us to even comprehend. We all live here on this pale blue dot, and some think have it all figured out. We are all just hovering around a star, that is one star amongst billions of others. All religion was created and curated here on earth by mankind, many years before we even fully understood this concept. I do not feel that any religion has the answer to the ultimate question. I do feel that religion is the product of much wisdom passed down from generations that has positive and even negative effects on society. But, is this universe cold dark and meaningless? Maybe. But, let us think of the most amazing thing that we here on earth understand. "Human Consciousness" Isn't it amazing how in this world that we know, such a thing exists? With the universe being such a vast place, is it in itself conscious? We may never know, and may never understand. All i know is that this universe is a beautiful and wonderous place. ....um yes RETROGAMER FOREVER!
  14. Hello, Since my computer forcefully updated to anniversary edition update my Wireless Xbox One Controller (New Bluetooth Model) isnt working properly in Retro arch. I have the latest build and have it set to XInput. Other Games seem to work Fine but in Retroarch some weirdness has been happening. It does work in a way, but things like hotkeys to load states dont work "EVEN ON MY KEYBOARD" I try re configuring and re binding the inputs but they dont seem to work. My face buttons ABXY work properly but Start and Select are reversed. So much weirdness is going on its hard to explain. The main and most interesting ive noticed is... Before when a controller was recognized in Retro Arch it would Identify it as XBox One BlueTooth Wireless Controller, now it Identifies as XInput Controller. This may be the most important piece to the puzzle. Although, it seems as if it shouldn't be an issue because XInput is the API for the XBox Controller itself, should be the same for the XBox One Controller. This is a weird and difficult problem to explain, not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue and knows any work around. I tried rolling back the driver but it seems that the driver i found on the Microsoft site is intended for the controller connected via USB. If all else fails System Restore may be in order.... Thanks
  15. Yes and yes. Not sure if there is some sort of command line setting to fix it possibly
  16. Hello, When playing Soul Calibur in the MAME 2014 Retroarch Core the game runs fine but runs too fast. I have vsync enabled and its not exceeding 60 fps other similar namco system games such as tekken 3 and Tekken Tag run fine. Not sure if anyone has a workaround. thanks
  17. I cant seem to be able to import a nvram save to MAME 2014 Games running through Retro Arch. For example, I am trying to have all the characters unlocked in tekken tag tournament. I have tried putting them into C:\Users\lukel\RetroArch\saves\MAME2014\cfg\nvram\tektagt but that doesent seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. Are there any good sites to find mem card saves for PCSX2? Im looking for saves for fighting games so I dont have to play through and unlock all the characters
  19. Well, i never found a definite solution. It seems this is a common problem in limbo for 960m users. I did find a good workaround. by going the Nvidia Control panel and selecting retroarch under program settings and selecting the onboard GPU rather than the 960m and now it runs like butter again. The Intel GPU is sufficient enough to run retroarch games. So this will do for now.
  20. Interesting....maybe ill try it and upload a comparison video
  21. I forgot to cancel the psnow week trial so now i got another month for 20 bucks...not complaining even if i cant finish last of us there are many other great games like God of War, Ico ,Shadow of the Colossus etc... to play many good times ahead the next 30 days
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