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Amstrad PCW Setup

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I am launching the games via RocketLauncher. I am only able to launch the games that have an "auto-boot" sequence built into them. The emulators are difficult to use otherwise. But eventually we can figure out how to add the other games. Let me know if anybody wants this stuff. Thanks either way.

Amstrad CPW


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If anybody wants to work on more games / database / descriptions etc... here are some good links







FROM A FORUM (not my list)

After a lot of research and going through my complete collection of 8000+ magazines I have completed my list of every PCW 8256 game released.

The list adds many titles to that shown on the Wikipedia PCW games page and includes all officially released games (including games written in Basic) but excludes learning software such as 'Fun School'.

Here is the list:

List of Amstrad PCW 8256 games



•   3D Clock Chess
•   500 c.c. Championship

•   Academy (Tau Ceti 2)
•   Ace (Air Combat Emulator)
•   Acheton
•   Adventure Quest
•   After Shock
•   Angel Nieto Pole 500
•   Annals Of Rome
•   Archers,The
•   Armaggedon Man, The
•   Arnhem
•   Avon


•   Batman
•   Blackstar
•   Blagger
•   Bob Winner
•   Bobby Bearing
•   Bounder
•   Brian Clough's Football Fortunes
•   Brick
•   Bridge Player
•   Bridge Player 3
•   Bridge Player 2000
•   Bridge Player Galactica 2150
•   Buran

•   Castle Blackstar
•   Catch 23
•   Chichen Itza
•   Classic Games (Clock Chess 88, Bridge Player, Backgammon, Draughts)
 Classic Games 2
•   Classic Collection vol 1 (Hopp It, Much It, Shoot It)
 Classic Collection vol 2 (Climb it, Skiing, Caverns)
•   Classic Invaders
•   Clock Chess ‘88
•   Clock Chess '89
•   Colossal Adventure
•   Colossus 4 Bridge
•   Colossus 4 Chess
•   Complete Home Entertainment Centre, The
•   Corruption
•   Corsarios
•   Countdown to Doom
•   Crossgrid
•   Crusoe
•   Cubik-Road
•   Cutthroats
•   Cyberbig
•   Cyrus II Chess

•   Deadline
•   Distractions (On the Run, 2112AD & NEXOR)
•   Double T Patience
•   Draughts
•   Dual, The
•   Dungeon Adventure

•   Elektra Glide
•   Enchanter

•   Fairlight
•   Fairlight II
•   Fantasy Quest
•   Filthy Rich
•   Fish!
•   Football Fortunes
•   Forestland
•   Formula 1
•   Fourth Protocol, The
•   Frank Bruno's Boxing

•   Giant Killer
•   Gnome Ranger
•   Goblin Towers
•   Golden Basket
•   Gonzzalezz
•   Goody
•   Graham Gooch's Test Cricket
•   Grand Slam
•   Green (The)
•   Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The
•   Guardian
•   Guild of Thieves, The

•   Head Coach
•   Head Over Heels
•   Heathrow Air Traffic Control
•   Heroesof khan
•   Hezarin
•   Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The
•   Hobbit, the
•   Hollywood Hijinx
•   Home Entertainment Centre (5 games in 1)

•   Infidel
•   Ingrid's Back
•   It’s Basic vol 1 & 2

•   Jai Alai
•   Jinxter
•   Jewels of Darkness
•   Junior Playtime

•   Kingdom of Hamil
•   Knight Orc
•   Krom El Guerrero

•   La Aventura Espacial
•   La Corona Mágica
•   La Diosa Cozumel
•   Lancelot
•   Last Days of Doom
•   Last Mission, The
•   Last Ninja 2
•   Leaderboard Golf
•   Leather Goddesses of Phobos
•   Linebacker
•   Living Daylights, The
•   Livingstone Supongo
•   Livingstone Supongo II
•   Lord of the Rings
•   Los Inhumanos
•   Los Templos Sagrados
•   Lurking Horror, The

•   Match Day II
•   Micro Trivia
•   Mindfighter
•   Mithos
•   Monsters of Murdac
•   Moonmist
•   Mortadelo y Filemon 2
•   Mountain Leader
•   Mountain Man Adventure
•   Mot
•   Mr. Gas
•   Mundiales de Futbol
•   Mutan Zone
•   Myth

Nemesis (4 in 1 text adventure)

•   Pack Alligata
•   Pack ERBE
•   Pattern Puzzles
•   Pawn, The
•   PCW Challenge (ACE, Formula 1,Skywar & Strip Poker)
•   Peter Gerrand’s Games Plus
•   Philosopher's Quest
•   Planetfall
•   Poli Díaz
•   PSI-5 Trading Company

•   Quiwi

•   Rescate en el Golfo
•   Return to Doom
•   Return to Eden
•   Robot Scape
•   Rocket

•   Sargon
•   SAS Raid
•   Scapeghost
•   Scrabble
•   Scrabble Deluxe
•   Seastalker
•   Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The
•   Silicon Dreams
•   Sir Lancelot
•   Sir Perceval
•   Sirwood
•   Sky War
•   Snowball
•   Sol Negro
•   Sorcerer
•   Southern Belle
•   Soviet
•   Space Combat
•   Spellbreaker
•   Spitfire 40
•   Sporting Triangles
•   Spy Snatcher
•   Star Byte
•   Starcross
•   Starglider
•   Stationfall
•   Steve Davis Snooker
•   Strike Force Harrier
•   Strip Poker
•   Southern Belle
•   Sun CrosswordsVol1 &2, The
        Supernova Invaders
•   Suspect
•   Suspended

•   Tank Attack
•   Tau Ceti
•   Terracom
•   Test Cricket
•   Tetris
•   Time and Magik (Red Moon, Lords of Time, Price of Magik,The)
•   Times CrosswordsVol 1 -4,The
•   Tomahawk
•   Treasure Hunt
•   Trinity
•   Trivial Pursuit
•   Troglo
•   Tuma 7

•   UK Trivia
•   Ulises
•   Ultimate Quiz

•   Verbiage
•   Very Big Cave Adventure, The

•   Wishbringer
•   Witch Hunt
•   Witness, The
•   Wonderland
•   World of Soccer
•   The Worm in Paradise

       Yes Chancellor!
       Yes PrimeMinister!

•   Zork I
•   Zork II
•   Zork III


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Here is the command that I am using in RocketLauncher to Launch the games. If somebody can "translate" this over to LaunchBox directly that would be nice. Thanks in advance. (ps...I am not a "code" expert).
PS: The "(Disk A)" is a leftover bit from when I was trying to get it to launch both disks....but it did not work. But for the 

Here is the main bit that loads and plays the games. 

F9 does the same as -O or /O ............... both of which are like hitting the "play" arrow on the emulator

LoadPCWFile := "-S"
Run(executable . " " . LoadPCWFile . " """ . romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . """", emuPath)

Sleep, 10
Send, {F9 down}
Sleep, 10
Send, {F9 up}

From a forum: (http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/nc100-nc200-pcw-pda600/cpm-box-a-pcw-emulator/)
The actual commandline options are (you can use - or / and they are executed sequentially):

/A name.dsk  ->  Insert a disk in A drive (eject the actual floppy before). Use a '.' (dot) for empty drive.
/B name.dsk  ->  The same for B drive.
/E -> "Synchro" the emulator state (Stop the emulator and toggle to window mode).
/F -> Toggle between window and full screen mode.
/G -> Toggle Fast mode.
/O -> Toggle emulator between pause/play
/P A V -> Poke in the memory address 'A' (absolute address) the value 'V', both values are in hexadecimal.
/R -> Reset the PCW
/S name.pcw  -> Load the snapshot name.pcw.
/T -> Simulate keypress. You can use the char '#' for escape codes (in hexadecimal), for example #0D for carriage return, ...
/W time -> Wait 'time' miliseconds in emulation time.


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and here is what we must do to get the rest of the games to load (ie the games without a boot disk.)

i do not have the time to figure that out right now.....

from forum

You must boot the computer with the CP/M system disk or start the emulator with the appropriate .dsk file. Then you change the floppy or .dsk file.
The dir command shows you the directory. .COM files can be started.

System .dsk: http://www.filewatcher.com/b/ftp/ftp.cpcszene.de/pub/Computer/Amstrad_PCW/PCW_System_Disks-0.html

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Hello, I am new around here, I was looking how to configurate amstrad PCW on Launchbox and this topic came across.

I am impress with the list, well done!!!. Will give it a go and  let you know how it went. By the way do you have the whole list of games installed? 


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Do we have the solution to launch directly from launchbox?

For the record, I'm using CP/M Box. The following works:

- O - F

The above launches CP/M box in fullscreen and auto-plays the emulator.... but not the game.

The problem is that launchbox isn't telling CP/M box to "insert" the dsk file into drive A. I can do it manually ( File-> Drive A -> insert -> "select dsk file") in the emulator and the game runs fine but Launchbox isn't doing the job on it's own.

My games are stored in the proper Launchbox/Games/Amstrad PCW folder. I've tried every combination of "don't use quotes" "use filename only" and "no space" without any success so i'm lost. My assumption is tis has to do with the filepath launchbox is sending to CP/M Box but I have no way of telling what information Launchbox is sending to it...

Any ideas?

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