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  1. yup, pause screen feature would be awesome! Thank you for such a great plugin!
  2. That’s not the point. Your issue isn’t going to be fixed in beta 10.2, is it? That’s my point. I said what I had to say. As others have already said, move on.
  3. Fair enough. I only bring it up because it was the tradition of the 9 series releases and we're now 3 versions beyond the title of the thread.
  4. Then we agree. It is illogical to keep posting in a thread about 10.2 when we are now three versions beyond that.
  5. But it’s not the same version regardless. When I’m looking for discussions about 10.5, the last place I would look is here.
  6. Why are we discussing Launchbox 10.5 in a thread specifically meant for 10.2? Can we please start a new thread so the discussions are easier to find? Thank you!
  7. Interesting video showing a handful of arcade machines. You'll need to be a member of the ETA Prime Retro gaming group on Facebook to see it though: https://www.facebook.com/bobby.vu.9/videos/pcb.2620395708078514/10218006243740997/?type=3&theater
  8. Might I request Hyper Crash (Konami): and Konami RF2 (Konami GT): I'm loving your tilted work!
  9. I don't have any android devices. I hate using android. That said, the addition of a third pillar to Launchbox IS worthy of a whole point release, whether you care for that pillar or not.
  10. I'm not the wizard that you are. Just bringing some requests since they're all laser disc games and they seem to be under served is all.
  11. Some more requests (TLDR Daphne): Astron Belt : https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/11636 or http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/abju_01.jpg Badlands: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/blk_01.jpg Bega's Battle: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/bb_03.jpg Cliff Hanger: https://giantbomb1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/scale_medium/0/8338/1325892-cliffhanger_cabinet.jpg Cobra Command: https://farm5.static.flickr.com/4848/46234028724_e66a5bb363_b.jpg Cube Quest: https://www.gamesdatabase.org/Media/SYSTEM/Arcade/Cabinet/big/Cube_Quest_-_1983_-_Simutrek.jpg Dragon's Lair I and II ESH'S AURUNMILLA: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/ea_02.jpg Firefox: https://dygtyjqp7pi0m.cloudfront.net/i/20315/19345316_1.jpg?v=8D119A2E4D65A40 Freedom Fighter: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/fr_01.jpg Galaxy Ranger: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/gr_02.jpg Goal to Go: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/gtg_01.jpg GP World: https://flyers.arcade-museum.com/flyers_video/sega/16028303.jpg Interstellar: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/ilf_01.jpg Laser Grand prix: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/lgp_02.jpg M.A.C.H 3: https://www.williamsamusements.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/57-10.jpg Ninja Hayate: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/nh_01.jpg Quarter Horse: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/qh_01.jpg RoadBlaster: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/rb_04.jpg Space Ace: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/sait_02.jpg Star Rider: https://www.arcade-museum.com/images/118/1181242172163.jpg Street Viper: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/sv_01.jpg Super Don Quixote: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/sdqded_01.jpg Thayer's Quest: https://giantbomb1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/scale_medium/0/4647/963939-thayer_s_quest.jpg Time gal: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/time_02.jpg Time Traveler: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/tt_j2.jpg Us vs Them: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/cabinets/large/uvt_01.jpg
  12. Chromecast was mentioned. I spoke from my experience with chromecast, which is via iPhone. Not that hard...
  13. True. My experience with chrome cast though is through iPhone so... not happening there anyway.
  14. I don't think you understand what Google Stadia even is. It isn't hardware. It isn't even software you download. It's a streaming service that works through Chromecast or web browser (Chrome). Bigbox/Launchbox can't work through Chromecast because you can't stream external software via Chromecast. You need an app to do that. In theory, Jason COULD develop a casting feature within Launchbox if he wanted to like Chrome does but I'm certain the practicality isn't worth the effort. Back to Stadia. Stadia casts via Chromecast. Chromecast can only handle one cast at a time to one device. You can't cast Youtube and Twitch at the same time. You have to choose. Stadia is just another such thing to choose from. You get a Chromecast. You subscribe to Stadia.
  15. Different arcade boards are indeed platforms. Proof is in the pudding: CPS 1, CPS 2, CPS 3, Examu, Taito, RingEdge, etc are all listed as seperate platforms because of their boards. They each require different programming language and aren’t cross compatible. To say they aren’t platforms is to say different consoles aren’t different platforms either. They are equally distinct in exactly the same ways.
  16. Did you search on Youtube? There's literally hundreds of results about just that.
  17. I actually really, really hate this idea. That's like smashing all consoles together as one platform.
  18. I would say unlicensed takes precedence over unreleased simply because whether it is released or not, it will always be unlicensed.
  19. It is FAR from the only storefront that does this.
  20. Does anyone know what TV set appears on this box?
  21. When trying to import metadata and files via launchbox, I'm getting a massive amount of erros saying (404) Not Found. In fact, I got 24,225 such errors all saying the exact same error for multiple games on multiple platforms. Example: http://api.gamesdbase.com/c13535e34363530642e2fc63160c65c35342f31383160c65c35342f31383162302fffddc9ed5abe5ac15561c47757c5ce781b67c87664266e1fc76db7716271c4c76763afdc271fda28.png for Tony Hawk's Underground: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found Is this a launchbox error, emumovies error or mine?
  22. where can i download these?
  23. I have to say I am surprised and the almost even split amongst all features. No more than a 3% spread for 90% of them!
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