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Cabinet Finally Done


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Let me start by saying thanks to Mysterysmellyfeet on Reddit.  I came across his build and decided to make it with some modifications.  Also, thanks to stephenpbhs who put his Vewflix standup mod build out there for Mysterysmellyfeet and myself to steal/borrow.  Also, a big thanks to Scott at Gameongrafix for printing the CP graphics.  Another thank you to Stigzler for CPWizBiz.  A last minute addition with a 7" screen under the main screen to show controls and of course the Launchbox Team for a great front end.  

With all those thank you's I gladly accept the award for most thank you's in a forum post...  Anyways, for the real topic at hand, the finished project and a link to the album.


Can see the album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUxhi9j

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Thanks.  The 7" screen is populated by CPWizBiz/CPWizard.  CPWizBiz is added to each game as an addition app and it is called with certain CLI arguments which then relay what image to show on the screen.  Once I exit a game it goes back to the base control image for BigBox functionality.  I have different images set for gun games and games that can only be controlled via DS4 controller, etc.

CPWizBiz is Stigzler program and works great.

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QTY Item Price
14 GoldLeaf Push-button : Red  $ 35.00
6 GoldLeaf Push-button : Black  $15.00
1 Start Logo Push-button Black : 1 Player  $4.00
1 Start Logo Push-button Black : 2 Player  $4.00
1 I-PAC 2 Interface  $39.00
2 J-Stik Oval Top : Black  $44.00
1 U-Trak Flushmount Arcade Trackball: Red  $79.00
1 1/4 Plexi for control panel top  $53.00
1 Nintendo Marquee  $59.00
1 Control Panel Graphics  $75.00
1 Dark Grey tinted Glass 31 x 30 x 1/8  $170.00
1 Hisense 32" LED TV  $120.00
1 Ultimarc Aimtrak LightGun  $95.00
2 3/4 MDF 4x8 shets  $70.00
  DupliColor Automotive Lacquer : Silver, Black, Primer, and Clear  $150.00
  Total  $1,012.00
PC Parts
  Asus Z97-A Motherboard  
  Intel i5-4590 Haswell  
  Crucial M550 256GB SSD  
  16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3  
  Corsair Hydro Series H75 with Silent fans  
  Nvidia 560 Ti  
  4TB HDD   
  EVGA SuperNova 750 PSU  
  estimated  $1,200.00
  GRAND TOTAL :  $2,212.00


PC cost is estimated.  It was an old Gaming Rig I had collecting dust so I just re-purposed it. 

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Mine isn't finished yet with the artwork and such but the shell (sellers has raised the cost of the cabinet by $60 since September) and controls only cost me $200 and everything else in it was stuff I had laying around an old PC and monitor a small amplifier  these speakers I really don't use it as much as my HTPC's so I didn't want to go all out and put some insanely expensive box in there just repuposed one of my HTPC's and replaced that with a self build with core i5 6500 16GB DDR4 and a 750TI  

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