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control mapping presets for final burn alpha


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Hey guys, 

I'm not new to launch box but this is the first time I'm posting an issue. I love final burn alpha because it runs all my Capcom, NeoGeo, and other arcade games. I figured out the full screen issue from the forums but, I can't find anyone who knows how to set up the control mapping presets. I don't want to manually set up every arcade game in my collection. There has to be a way to preset all the neogeo and capcom fighting games because the controls are not that different. I tried looking to see if there was a tutorial on the topic on YouTube but I could not find one. If there is not a way to set up the controls, can I use a program like rocket launch to map out the controls? I been with launch box since last year and last week I got a forever licence. Your product is user friendly and the community is great. I hope someone has an solution for me. thank you

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Thanks bro. I'm setting it up right now. I found a easy to follow video for retroarch.

I noticed that the cores for FBA are segregated by system (cps, cps2, cps3, and neogeo). The "config all" feature allows me to setup each system. Thanks for the help. Also, you gave me a reason to play with retroarch. lol 

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No problem.

Just so you are aware though you do not need to use the separated cores. Those are there for lesser powered hardware, the individual cores are slightly faster and optimized for things like the Pi. You are most likely fine with one of the all in one cores.

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Hey guys I'm in a similar boat but maybe in a little different scenario then sidknott. I've been using Launchbox premium for about a month and have imported MAME, M2, M3, Demul, and FBA with all of there respective romsets. I'm been going through each game 1 by 1, launching them to test if there working and if I would like to keep the game or not as well as completely customizing the Genre's, etc... to make playlists that fit my style along with graphics for them to be used in Bigbox. Needless to say I have a TON of time into this at the moment. Today I just learned that I cannot customize the FBA key mapping which is a total bummer and have decided that I have no choice but to switch over to RetroArch. My question is how do I easily switch all the ROMs currently associated with FBA in my configuration to open with RetroArch without destroying all the work I've put in and having to reimporting everything?


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