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After following the LaunchBox Tutorial on how to set up Daphne with Launchbox, I kept running into this problem every time I tried to launch any of the games.

"Daphne got an error and that rom xxxx couldn't be found in .../roms/xxxx. "

After re-installing Daphne several times and spending hours on wiki and forums. I found no answers.


- This is how I solved the problem. -

First, I would recommend you to complete all the steps given in the LaunchBox tutorial on how to install Daphne.

After you have downloaded your games and set up Daphne.
Open the DaphneLoader.exe within your Daphne folder, choose any of the legally obtainable games (I chose Astron Belt) and press Start!

Daphne1.PNG.749e06a901ad6bc009ecb24163c3381b.PNGAfter this you might be prompted that you will need to enable download again.

If you do, go to your preferences by clicking on File > Preferences
And enable these three options.

Daphne2.thumb.PNG.2c0edba687c757c097a7a37856eeba86.PNGClick Apply and Close the window.


When back into the Daphne Loader window, Press Start again and Daphne will download the missing files you require.
For me it was a 94kb download size.

Press Start again and Daphne will prepare your game.
After I did all of this, all the games started working withing Launchbox.

** Remember to go back and Disable the three options in Preferences when you are done.

I am still a Newbie to Daphne, but I hope this may help anyone who had the same struggle as I had.

Thanks! :)

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