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How many TBs do I need?


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Here are some sample sizes

NES -> Wii: 2.83TB
PS2: 2TB
PS1: 0.5TB

Total: 5.33TB

Wii-U games are very large too so they will take quite a bit of space.  If you want to raid to protect against hard drive failures then you will need even more

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Thanks for the tips. I think I'll skip 3DS and Wii-U for now. I have both of those systems, so I don't intend to emulate them.

Anyone know how big the USA PSP set would be? I am having trouble tracking one down.

What other larger sets am I forgetting? I'm undecided on MAME CHD games, I'll see how much room I have left at the end...

System GBs
Cartridges 9.4
Total DOS 46.9
ScummVM 66.8
Win3xO  323.3
MAME 39.2
Dreamcast 144.4
TG-CD 15.4
Sega CD 46.6
Neo Geo CD 32.8
Sega Saturn 94.8
3DO 57.5
Gamecube 671.1
Amiga CD-32 21
PS1 385
PS2 1922.3
Wii 2450
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It certainly wouldn't be a full set, PS2 isn't even a full set yet if I recall, but a set is out there. You can also use unconventional compression to compress down PSP, PS2, PS1, Wii and GameCube games. They wont use any archives, save you space, and give you other benefits like merging PS1 discs so you don't need to swap discs. Something to look in to. Realistically, will you also play most of the games? What about genre's you don't like?

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Realistically no, I won't play them all. But I'm intimidated by the thought of sorting through sets to find games I might enjoy. That sounds like a lot of work!

Sure, there are genres I don't like. I'll never play a sports game, or a shmup. But I don't even know where I would find that information for all the systems I listed in order to start sorting early. 

At this point I have 8tb dedicated to this project, so I think I have room to be sloppy.

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Well for me, when it came to filtering out games, I just used the Windows search, looked for "NHL", or "NFL", "Soccer", "Baseball", "Jakyuu" for Japanese wrestling, etc etc, and deleted what it found. I know of several common phrases like that, that I filter out of most sets and just delete them. I have 8TB too, with about 1TB remaining, and I did prune a lot. Granted I also have a lot of rom hacks, some duplicates, and much much more than just an NTSC set, but yea. That's with my games compressed without archives too.

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