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Steam Grid Art Pack.


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Steam Grid Art Pack.

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This is a pack of over 2500 steam grid icons downloaded from various sources over the net. I only created about 100 of these, so all thanks go out to the contributing artists. Unfortunately, I’ve been collecting and renaming these for months and I can’t possibly cite everyone who contributed. If you are the contributing artist and you wish to take anything out of this set, please contact me and I will do so immediately.

Thanks to:

Everyone over on R/SteamGrid: https://www.reddit.com/r/steamgrid/ (Community of people coming together to make and share these)

Jinx: http://steam.cryotank.net/: I don’t know him or her personally but they are prolific in creating these and they look awesome. This site pretty much jump started my interest in these and using them in LaunchBox.

Booru: http://steambanners.booru.org/index.php (Forum of people creating and submitting these. This is a great resource for finding grid art for obscure games.)

Gamma097: http://gamma097.deviantart.com/art/Steam-Grid-Icon-Pack-Version-Four-378036407 (Posted a pack of great images on Deviant Art)

Other Sources:

Thread on NeoGaf: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=477211

Database for these supposedly geared toward emulation (I haven’t checked this out): http://consolegrid.com/

Database for these, looks really promising: http://www.steamgriddb.com/

Dragnu5 suyinn kimaro SouthernIsles Burnsy: https://www.reddit.com/r/steamgrid/comments/3v7vgr/s_the_ultra_pack_of_blurry/ (Redditor(s) a huge pack of images. I’ve tried twice to download the pack but the download errors out. May be possible to sync with a cloud service)

About this pack: There are over 2500 individual files (2631 to be exact), but these do include some alternate versions. Most of these are for PC games. I renamed many of the files by hand, so I apologize for any errors in naming. I haven’t checked the resolution of every file, but I’m pretty sure most if not all of them are the same or similar and will work for LB purposes.

What can you do with these? They look awesome in LaunchBox as boxart. They specifically work very well for PC games, and/or for any system which the box art is non uniform and/or sparse. Screenshot in this post: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/35332-unexpected-art-resource-for-pc-games-windows-dos-win3x/. I’m thinking in the future I will also be using these for specific playlists that have games from multiple consoles to keep the box art looking consistent.   

Also, you can use them in Steam itself.

Lastly, to me this seems like an underutilized resource. If you want to contribute, hit me up here and send me any art you want to add to the pack, or make a bigger pack and add this to yours, either way. ? 

I think that’s it. Enjoy!

If you have any specific requests, let me know. But do bear in mind I'm terrible at making them - I don't have photoshop and have been using MS Paint. I try to minimize stretching the images, but well, I consider my own contributions to this to be placeholders until something better comes along.


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