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premium key not working


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Hi All, I have just purchased the premium key & when i select it in launchbox, it tells me "the premium key is either invalid or expired"

Is this because i downloaded it on my phone & transfered it to my mame laptop? if so how do i rectify this?

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks...

apologies if this has been asked a squillion times, i did search the forum first.



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Launchbox doesnt "install" as such its a portable program so can be anywhere on your PC. If you did the default install path it will be in C:/Users/yourname/launchbox just drop the key in the root of that folder and it should be registered when you re-open launchbox.

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hi neil yes i saw that.

ok i have placed it in the main launchbox folder. still no change on status. and when i browse to its location its



windows7 noob as well as launchbox noob, be gentle :)

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well thats weird, the license is just a xml file that goes in the main launchbox folder and launchbox automatically picks it up when launchbox is launched. So when you open launchbox the name you registered with will be at the top of the window. You dont have to do anything special for it to register, just drop it in the correct location. Here it is on my setup.

Screenshot (1).png

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