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How to save high scores in mame


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If you are using the stand alone version of Mame open the plugin.ini found in your Mame folder and set hiscore to 1

If you are talking about in Retroarch I don't know but I will take a look and see what I can figure out.

Edit: I couldn't find anything for the latest core but according to a post over on the Retroarch forums you can get an appropriate hiscore.dat for the mame2003 core and put that in your Retroarch\system\mame2003 folder. I tried this and couple of other things with the latest Mame core with no success unfortunately.

2017-05-23 16_44_24-H__Emulation_Emulators_Mame 182_plugin.ini - Notepad++.png

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Topic revisited for 12/2019...

So I downloaded MAME (v.216) from the official MAME site.

When I open plugin.ini, I see the following:

  "plugin": {
    "name": "hiscore",
    "description": "Hiscore support",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "author": "borgar@borgar.net",
    "type": "plugin",
    "start": "false"

Do I manipulate this file in order to activate being able to save high scores?

Do I change the "false" to "true"?


Thanks for the feedback!



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The first step I always do with a new Mame install is run 

mame64.exe -cc

This generates my mame.ini and maybe the plugin.ini in the main folder with the Mame executable,  this also helps with any possible issues of Mame not working through LB since there are issues with having the mame.ini file in the ini folder.

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