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so I'm still new to launchbox but I got this message today when I opened up my launchbox

is it ok to say YES to update? it wont mess up any of my files or settings will it? or change any directories ive made or anything else like that

I just worry about updating and it screwing something up

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It won't mess anything up and if you do run into any issues you can go into the updates folder in LB and just install the update for your last working version right over the new version. The updates won't mess with any of your settings, media folders or your data sets in the xml files. The program is updated quite frequently so you shouldn't fear the updates.

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Yes updating to the official release is safe to do, out of habit I make a backup once a new release is out so that while I install the betas I can always go back to my original install but that is more to do with what the new features do to the media files etc

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You should do it every time it pops up (it takes seconds), because when a new release is out, it makes sure to be safe to update over the immediately previous version.

Possibly they check 2 versions back, not sure, but I wouldn't say it is as safe to jump 5-6-10 updates at once.

So don't skip them.


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