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"Newer" Arcade (non-MAME) Games On Your Box?


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I've recently setup a couple of relatively newer games on my box:

Ssh...! Welcome to FrightFearLand

Fast and Furious Super Bikes

Aliens Extermination

Are there any other newer games like these that you have working? Preferrably non-MAME games.


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Do you mean like Taito Type X? There are a number of "modern" non-MAME arcade platforms like Taito Type X, Nesica xLive, Naomi, Sega Model 2/3, etc.

TTX are basically PC games that were put into arcade cabinets. They can be a bit of a pain in the ass to setup but I've got a decent number of them in my library. Sega Naomi games via Demul work well and are pretty easy to setup. Sega Model 2 games can be emulated via the creatively-named "Sega Model 2" emulator. Supermodel is a Sega Model 3 emulator. I've not messed with any Nesica xLive stuff personally.


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