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2 installiations, please help!


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I type a lot lol, too long don't read at the bottom. I typed out a lot, hopefully others will see this Google Drive Sync idea and put it to use!

Okay so I had everything set up perfect. Install is in C Drive, Games folder in Launchbox folder (also retrobox and PCSX2 are installed in their own folders inside the Launchbox folder). So far, so good. Fully working library with about 10 SNES games (around 7 gigs, few psx and a ps2 game as well).

My mother absolutely loves the SNES, especially RPGs. I remember being very young watching her play, giving me inspiration to this day why I love retro games. I seen online that you could install Launchbox to a Google Drive Sync folder and use it on other computers and I decided to utilize this so that my mother can play her beloved games (and me too of course :P) without the hassle of her having to get roms, metadata, plugins, cores, etc. It essentially allows me to just copy my Launchbox to her computer without any resources used of the other side. I got a drive and proceeded to reinstall Launchbox into it along with Retrobox, PCSX2, etc inside the single Launchbox folder. I copied all my roms and whatnot, it worked. 

Going to her laptop and logging into drive, I installed the Launchbox folder with Google Sync Drive and sure enough, it detected the wireless gamepad I gave her and it runs just like on my laptop side and I didn't even have to install or setup a single thing. All the metadata was there, all the games from my laptop. She's actually playing Mother 2 now!

Now all said and done, I'm keeping the drive folder as my primary Launchbox folder. But the thing is, now I have 2 folders with 2 different Launchbox and Big Box .exes and pretty much an entire duplicate of my current drive Launchbox folder. My question is, how do I go about deleting the Launchbox folder inside of the C: Drive Games folder without it messing with my Launchbox drive folder? I know if I just delete the entire folder, the program was originally installed FIRST onto my C Drive, will this not leave behind a mess of the registry? I'm afraid to just uninstall the Launchbox shortcut because in my program files & features, there is only ONE Launchbox and Big Box .exes.  


I have 2 Launchbox installation locations, One is in C: Drive, Games folder and the other is in my Google Drive Sync Folder. I first installed into the C: Drive Games folder and now I want to get rid of that location, uninstall and wipe it like it never existed. How do I do this without hurting my Drive location? If I just delete the Games location folder, won't this leave behind registry conflicts? And I'm afraid to just install considering there is only 1 location for Launchbox and Bigbox in my programs and features settings. 





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