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For many years my brain has struggled to figure out how to organize my mame roms and now that m.e.s.s. has been integrated it is even more of a monster than ever before. So I am trying to figure a way to delete the stuff I will never use while keeping the rest of the files, the problem is not the current version collection I would be working with but.. when it comes time to upgrade my version files to a newer version. What is the best way to go about this? I was going to load all mame roms, software and chds via launchbox and then just one by one delete the ones I do not want in my collection. So then the problem is how do I make a list of the deleted roms/software,chd files and then when I have an updated collection to automatically be able to remove all of the files that I do not want in my collection? Been trying to figure this thing out for years.. launchbox makes it a bit easier since I can delete the files from the software I guess. This process seems very difficult considering the list of deleted files can not be created automatically? Even if it was somehow able to make this list of deleted files then it would need to have software to remove those unwanted files from the newer mame set. Maybe a new launchbox feature to organize and update our mame sets? (hint hint) ;) Also the removal of other files like unused snapshots, titles, bios files and whatever else I may be forgetting. I just want to finally be able to have a mame set that only has what I want in it and not have to go crazy with so many files I will never use and be able to update to a newer set while easily being able to press a button and automagically have it remove my unwanted mame files files for me. This would be a dream come true feature if Launchbox made this easy to do for us!

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yeah, that sounds similar to what i wanted as well. the below method works for me.

i use non merged MAME sets. so when i get an updated version i extract the full set to folder1 and my custom set is in folder2.

then i use xyplorer file manager with one folder in each file pane and use the option to automatically highlight and select all the files in folder1 that are not also in my custom set folder2, and then i simply right click and delete. now the updated set matches my custom set.

here is how you do it in xyplorer, you may need the paid version of it, but let me tell you is it ever worth it:

Activate Dual Pane mode (by default F10)
Open Folder A in one pane and Folder B in the other
Menu - Panes - Sync Select...
Choose "Select Uniques"
and if folder B is not the one in the active pane
take [x] On both panes as well


another option could be to just write a script that copies every file out of the full set that exists in your custom set of files.

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