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Launchbox, emulators and games (oh my!)


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I've just signed up and downloaded Launchbox (I actually loved the idea of it so much that I went ahead and bought Big Box too, without having any idea what to do!)

So I have Launchbox set up on my Windows10 PC, but I have no games for it, no emulators - basically nothing..

So was wondering where I would go to download games and emulators?

I'm interested in Arcade Games to start off with, Capcom games - fighting games, streets of rage, gauntlet, turtles, simpsons - that kind of thing.

Any advice on where I go and what I have to do would be very much appreciated :-)   Launchbox looks a great front-end program from what I've seen in the tutorials.

Thank you!

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Emulators are easy to find and we can point you to a few but the ROMs you will have to source on your own due to copyright laws we simply can't tell you where to find them. Here are links to a few basic emulators. I strongly suggest you go to the LB YouTube channel and check out some of the tutorials they will help you out a lot.

http://www.emucr.com/ EmuCR good source for Desmume PPSSPP Cirta and SuperModel
http://mamedev.org/release.html MAME\MESS

http://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.6.7/   Multiple system emulator (too many systems to name)

http://demul.emulation64.com/ Dreamcast and multiple arcade boards not yet supported in MAME

https://pcsx2.net/download.html PS2


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