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BigBox menu selection and videos suddenly very slow and choppy


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I have two identical systems, one for my office and one for our family room TV.  Both have i7 6770K CPUs, NVidia GTX 780 GPUs, and 16GB RAM.  Both running Windows 10 64-bit and LB 7.11 beta 16.  

The TV system runs perfectly - BigBox is fast and the videos are smooth.  Over the last few weeks, the office system has become much slower when running BigBox.  I don't use the office system as much for emulation, and it has updated through several LB betas without having been used... so I'm not sure what exact version of LB began to exhibit his behavior.  I rolled the office computer LB installation back to v7.10, but the problem persists.  I also cloned the perfectly working installation from the TV computer to the office computer, but the office computer BigBox is still very slow.  Scrolling through menus takes 3-7 seconds per item change and all videos play in a step-by-step, slow, very choppy manner.  Weirdly the audio from the videos is normal - full speed and not choppy.  BigBox on the office system is literally unusable, while the same cloned setup on the TV computer runs perfectly.  When I run VLC outside of BigBox and play the same videos that are so slow and choppy in BigBox, the videos are smooth and normal speed.  Force populating the images in LB made no difference.  

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or fix this?  Happy to post any logs or other data if it would be helpful.  

Many thanks in advance!


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I'm not sure how big your collection is.  On the machine with the problem, you could try and reduce your collection to a single game and see if the problem goes away. 

While I didn't have video stutter, I did have the scrolling problem (especially with cover art views) until I increased the cache size.  (In Launchbox Tools->Options->System->Ram Cache).   I'm not sure if that setting is shared w/ BigBox or if BigBox has it's own (if it does, up that one.....I'll check my BigBox settings when I get a chance)

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