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Image caching - need a way to force full cache


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@Jason Carr, any time I build a new LB or import a new platform with roms, it seems to be nearly impossible to force LB to build the image cache until 100%. The only way I've found to get it built is to constantly scroll slowly through ALL platforms category, but even that fails to fully cache.

this becomes a super huge problem for my new LB "portable" setup on a "fast" usb 3.0 256GB high quality flash drive, which has reads up to 185MB/sec, although writes seem to be very slow for many small files like when LB is writing image cache files.

i have 4758 games in my setup on flash drive and the games have a clear logo, a box art (except MAME), and a gameplay screenshot (some games have more than one gameplay screenshot).

i have had my flash drive running LB for over 24 hours sitting on the ALL platforms. I have scrolled up and down for like 30 minutes. but still when i switch to other platforms, i have to wait forever for the box art and game titles to show in LB. i have no videos. when i go to platforms that have missing box art, i can see in win 10 resource monitor that LB is writing image cache files. this was after waiting for LB to totally stop caching image cache files as seen in resource monitor. 

so, basically, it seems nearly impossible to get LB to actually write out the entire image cache set.

this totally impacts my flash drive performance overall, so trying to play games from LB as it is caching image files is very poor.

i don't care how long it takes to cache the image files. i just want an option to tell LB to cache them 100%, including BB image cache. so, i can just wait it out until it's done and then enjoy my LB setup on my flash drive.

i'm sitting here now just scrolling endlessly up and down to see if i can ever reach a 100% fully image cached state.

it's the same for my PC internal drives, just not nearly as slow doing the writes. even with internal drives, you have to scroll up and down forever to get the image cache to fill up.

to make matters even worse, now i've gone through the LB image cleanup feature to remove all the extra images i had (since i initially just copied in my full image sets for this new LB setup) and it did great cleaning up image files, but now i'm thinking maybe it has them in the image cache folder too, since my image cache folder seems to have way more files than the total number of image files inside the Images folder (minus the cache folder). so, now i feel like i need to manually delete all the cache folder to start from scratch for a clean image cache build and that will take another decade of scrolling up and down  =/

i really hope you can give us something to help with this.

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i just noticed that LB "image type" setting in NES was set to 3d boxes instead of "boxes". when i looked in resource monitor it is writing image cache files with names starting with ".3d boxes". then i switched the image type drop down selection to just boxes like i wanted. so, the art didn't change because i have only box art. i dont even have any images at all in LB "Box 3d" folders for my platforms. everything is in box front folders. i hope LB isn't creating a full cached set of files for the same images when i switch "image type" for the LB view of a platform. maybe that's also why i have mega thousands more cached image files in the cache folder than all of my actual images combined? my image priorities for box front are set with box front first and 3d box second in box front priority and 3d box first with box front second in 3d box priority. don't think that should matter.

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Yes, 3D boxes are cached separately than regular boxes. This is the first time this has been requested, I believe. It makes sense that it's an issue on flash drives, but I'm guessing that's just not an overly common scenario these days. We'll get it in there eventually I'm sure, though admittedly it may not be the highest priority.

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many people have posted on the forum about having a hard time getting fully cached buy having to scroll forever.

can you tell me at last how i could have tens of thousands more files in the image cache folder than number of files exists in ALL my launchbox\images folder combined?

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