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Hey everyone ... i followed the launchbox tutorial on this and im having a bit of an issue. When i start dolphin and manually load a game it fires up with no problem outside of launchbox. When i am in launchbox and double click on a game dolphin starts up...i see a black screen like it is going to load a game and then the black screen goes away and nothing happens. I'm sure this is an easy fix just dont know where to go to fix it. I have tried in regular launchbox and big box as well and have the same issues. I am trying 1 game specifically not random games but again outside of launchbox i can load with no problem and play the game inside of launchbox...no launch



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yeah honestly i didnt have an emulator downloaded but i wanted to get the games all imported due to the time that takes with downloading artwork and what not so i had it set to the Fusion emulator as a way to just get the games imported then when i did the bulk change to dolphin for some reason it wasn't taking properly...guess thats what happens when you try to be smarter than the smart system :-) 

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when i did the bulk edit i made it the default emulator but for some reason there was some conflict going on even after changing...but your right :-) lesson learned...although it was alot easier just deleting and reuploading and not having to download everything again to make the change :-) well played launchbox...well played lol

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Do you know if it is possible running Dolphin with a Japanese game, with only a command?

I'll explain myself: My Dolphin is setted for my language (Spanish), and it runs EUR and NTSC-U games without problem. But I have to change the language to Japanese in order to run japanese games.


Could I be able to do that without changing every single time manually? Only with a paremeter setted in the japanese games?

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