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Big Box Start up timer


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Hello all,

I am trying to speed the startup video when big box starts, I am currently using the Gamecube intro of bigbox which can be downloaded from the download section. The video however lasts for a minute.

I have a high end pc so big box only takes a few seconds to load however, it floats on the video until I hit a key, it doesn't just boot straight into the program once its loaded as people suggest that it does.

Going off the following youtube video: 


at 2 minutes 12 the video has a minimum startup video duration. However, I don't seem to have that option. I have attached a screenshot of the available options when i go to the general tab and I have also attached the bigbox settings which i currently have. Going off another post, a user suggested to type in <MinimumStartupVideoPlaybackTimeMilliseconds>6500</MinimumStartupVideoPlaybackTimeMilliseconds> at the bottom line however, that didnt resolve the issue.

Help me obi wan kenobi, your my only hope ^_^

Many thanks for your time!



bigbox no option..jpg


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I just ran into this issue after going through a hard drive replacement the last couple of days.  Performance is now great in BB and LB, but it was taking a full minute to load BB and I couldn't figure out why.  I went to Alt-Tab during the startup video to check Task Manager and BB started up!  After more messing around I realized exactly what was said in this thread is what is going on.   The startup video I was using is 1 minute long and BB would start after it finished playing *or* when I hit a key during the video.  I didn't realize the timer was removed.  Goodbye startup video, now BB launches in just a few seconds.

Thanks for this post!

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