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Lassiveran's Sinclair ZX Spectrum Media Pack


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Lassiveran's Sinclair ZX Spectrum Media Pack

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Here is the start of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum Media Pack.  On the road to 1.0 I will continue to expand the media with additional Box Fronts.

Version 0.1 can be considered a small community set for neil9000 who requested I work on the ZX Spectrum next.  I worked off his XML file to 

  • Find Original Box Front Art to Replace Art of another system used in Database
  • Find Original Box Front Art to Replace Advertisement Front being used as a Box Front in Database
  • Find a Better Original Box Front then currently used in Database
  • Created a Box Front Reconstructed using another system Box front and changed to represent Spectrum
  • When no Box Front source could be found I utilized my Themed Box Front.

As you can see in the picture of my workflow I do take the time to give you the best possible replacement to fill the missing Box Art.  The road to 1.0 will have me go through  roughly 4600 games from the official list.


I am not a professional graphic artist, I have been learning a few tricks as I have been going along to streamline the process.  I welcome positive feedback and constructive criticism.  After version one is released I do plan on moving onto Themed Clear Logos, and to take any requests to fill a fan favorite box art I may have missed.

I appreciate the hard work everyone has done do far making launch box a great aesthetic front end and this is my way of giving back to the community.  I look forward to feedback.





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I have deleted the other thread regarding this project.  This thread is better suited for both discussion and progress.  


With the release of my Commodore 64 Media Pack 2.0, at the request of Neil9000 I will be moving on to filling in the gaps for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.  So not to discuss this pack any further in my Commodore 64 thread, I will use this forum post to discuss the progress and announce releases for this media pack.

Initially I am using an XML file provided by Neil9000 to work on a smaller set within the launch box database before moving onto the larger list.

I have included a preview of the themed box front and to the best of my ability I plan on giving it the same amount of attention as I did in my Commodore 64 pack.  As I am not as familiar with this computer as I am the Commodore 64, so  I welcome any input and/or requests.

Cheers Lassiveran


As with my Commodore 64 Pack - I have included information on the themed box art to facilitate easier time matching box art with your collection.  If a Launch-Box Database ID is available I have included it on the Box Art along with the Database ID for World of Spectrum.  I took the liberty to create them a icon for representation purposes.  The Top 300 Logo is kudos to Neil9000 collection of his Top 300 games.  Feel free in the future to let me know of others so I can visually represent it on The Fan box Cover.   



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Another thing I will point out, If I manage to find an advertisement for a game but no official box front I will try and amalgamate both my theme and the advertisement to give you something a little closer to original.  Really it comes to an aesthetic on what would look better.  I have done thing a few times in the Commodore 64 set but thought I would draw it to your attention.  Also expect interim releases such as # to E, F to J, and so forth as we move towards 1.0.  I like doing it this way just in case you guys run across errors. 

Cheers ~ Now back to binge watching Punisher on Netflix :-)



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8 minutes ago, SIMPLY AUSTIN said:

Now this is my dream come true!  If you need any help mate, give me a shout.  The community was great at helping out with my recent Pi image for ZX Spectrum so may be able to use assets from there too

Thanks Austin,  I was on your facebook page and saw the progress with the ZX Spectrum.  Totally Cool!!!  I recently purchased my first Raspberry Pi and look forward to going over your YouTube videos.

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