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  1. Thank you for the kind words mate. This looks Awesome, looks like I will have to Download and have a dabble So clean and crisp!
  2. Hi guys, I have a Marvel vs Capcom themed cab. I wanted to make the theme of Launchbox go with the cab so I made a quick video to play in the background. Its nothing amazing and I will likely update this in the future with higher quality footage, but for now, this will do. Thought I would share it with you guys incase its handy for others. MVC Arcade Background V1.mp4 Sorry if this is in the wrong area in the forums, please feel free to move it to wherever its best suited (forum noob)
  3. Hi guys, I have my physical collection for the Dreamcast, but wanted to add some games that I like to play on the actual hardware too... problem is, some of these games/versions do not have actual boxes. So I knocked some up using bits I have found and some I have made from scratch. Included is some boxes for some of the titles I made region free or games I simply dont have boxes for, disk only. They are made to fit into Large DVD clam type boxes and half size versions similar to the original boxes. I would love to have official boxes to put them in but these are so fragile and hard to find good cases for even my standard collection, so its a good option. Also, Im PAL, so box art is for this region. May come in handy for others...
  4. Now this is my dream come true! If you need any help mate, give me a shout. The community was great at helping out with my recent Pi image for ZX Spectrum so may be able to use assets from there too
  5. Hey guys, I know many of you in the scene are into your cabs or would hopefully one day like to own/build your own cabs. Well I managed to get 7 cabs to give away to anyone world wide, so thought you may be interested Here is the details: I cant wait to see what everyone is going to come up with but its just awesome to be able to do something like this I know many of you are into your art and designing themes, so now its a cool chance to put that talent into getting a cab for yourself
  6. I know a few places that have info, packs and all kinds available for it and much more. But TAITO first have to see it to act on it. I have too much attention on my channel to simply sneak it out
  7. Yeah sorry about that mate. I do plan on making a part 2.... however TAITO are going mental with takedowns, DMCA, court orders etc etc with anyone even uploading the gameplay. Even mine got contested with that video. So until the dust settles, I aint touching it
  8. Name: EMU-NATION: Citra Special... 3DS is now BIIIG! Category: News and Entertainment Date Added: 2016-09-06 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Emu-Nation today is a Citra or Nintendo 3DS Emulator special. Why? Due to the fact this got a HUUUGE update to make this a fully playable emulator for LOADS of games on that system! The days of low FPS CPU hogging emulation is over and now if anything we got toooo much hehehehe! EMU-NATION: Citra Special... 3DS is now BIIIG!
  9. Name: GodenEye Revamped for 2016! Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN GodenEye Revamped for 2016!
  10. Name: Ultimate Emulation Machine for 50 Bucks! Category: News and Entertainment Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Ultimate Emulation Machine for 50 Bucks!
  11. Name: Nintendo DS Configured to 4K Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Nintendo DS Configured to 4K
  12. Name: Sega Saturn on Mednafen! Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Sega Saturn on Mednafen!
  13. Long time no see. How's things mate?
  14. This is a really nice theme mate. Hats off for the great work and effort to make this look so pro
  15. hehehe I got tooo many, but my pride and most useful out the bunch are... A few 8800GT (buy these for arcade cabs) GTX 670 - my bedroom HTPC Few 750Ti - Very useful for builds R9 390 8GB - used in my AMD Build GTX 980 - Form my nVidia Intel Build currently debating slashing on a 1080 or a VIVE.
  16. Haha.... I may just say yes! Thanks guys. I must say I am going to be much more active in these forums more than others. Launchbox and the guys involved don't have the same baggage as many of the other places so it seems logical to chill around here, helping where I can. If ever you guys need any thing, hit me up and as always do my best. Thanks for everything everyone
  17. Well word on the street is that you guys got a new forum. So though I would come on over and make some magic here. Its looking good and so is everyone in here (not as good as me... but you still look good). Pleasure to see you all here guys and hope you all get involved and get this Front End the justice it deserves! Now enough of my waffles... lets get stuck in then! Soooooo... whos is on here now? New and old faces?
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