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Greetings all, I just got back into MAME and purchased LaunchBox Premium as my new frontend (was using HyperSpin before). So I have a question about the way games (ROMs) are imported. I have a complete .191 merged set which is around 11,300 ROMs. So when I go to import ROMs I set it to "Skip clones and prioritize North America" and then uncheck all the checkboxes *except* "skip unplayable games." This results in about 4,300 games or so being imported (which is still more than I'll ever use :) ).

But then I went to find the game I've been playing of late (Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers) and, while it *is* in there, it's not the arcade version. It's some crappy version labeled "bootleg of Japanese MegaDrive version". The arcade version's ROM is named "ssf2.zip" but the version that is showing up in LaunchBox is "ssf2mdb.zip." I verified and ssf2.zip *is* in the ROMs folder I told it to scan.

So is this a result of a choice I'm making? Should I be setting the import priority to something like "world"?

Thanks, just new to this frontend and trying to figure out what I should be doing to make sure I get the games that are most important to me (arcade versions of SF and MK games).

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If you find a game with the wrong version and you know the name of the right version you want to play simply right click the game go to edit and change the rom name to the specific one that you want and while that isn't ideal it will get you the game you are looking for. It is kind of recommended to use either the split set or the non split set since merge sets only have the parent rom with clones inside the parent its some times harder to find the right rom.

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