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Deleting Wrong Images For Wrongly Titled Games, Correcting Names, & Importing Again?


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So with my first images (metadata, whatever you want to call it) import via tools on LB I've found several games with images and information from a completely different game. Obviously this is due to my game rom file not being named properly. I see there is a "Clean Up Images" function under tools, that says it will search for and delete any images that there is no longer a game rom present for. Great, just what I'm looking for. But first I'll need to rename improperly named roms to the right name so that Clean Up Images will see a particular game Rom no longer exists and delete those images. I'd then want to re-import the missing images for the games that are now named properly.

What I'm wondering is if there's a function on LB that guides you through all these steps? Or do I have to use my windows file editor first to rename the Roms, then run Clean Up Images, and then use some other function I'd assume exists (haven't looked for it yet) to import missing game data?

Also, when Clean Up Images deletes images no longer associated with a rom file, does it also delete any other data that might have been downloaded for it, such as instructions, music, etc? I don't want to have any no longer needed data still floating around on the hard drive taking up space. I don't have a paid EmuMovies account where I'd have videos, but I have noticed music playing and screen snapshots for some of the games that I want to make sure gets deleted by the Clean Up Images function.

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So missing something here because ran into issue. Manually via windows renamed ROMs with missing or bad meta data to proper names and used lb function to wipe the meta data (art) that was now no longer attached to a rom. Reimported meta data from emumovies and that fixed most, but some still could find no box art etc from launch boxes online database.

Easy enough I thought, I'll re import but this time point scraper to Wikipedia, which the scraper has as an option for, and also to set it not to over ride any already existing metadata that was not deleted for ROMs. It went ahead anyway and overwrote my commodore 64 box art for most of my ROMs with arcade or other platform versions.

Have no idea what I did wrong, so now gonna delete all the ROMs in folder, use function on launch box to wipe all meta data for the now non-existing ROMs, and then import my rom folder and scrape data online all over again to start fresh.

Lacking an answer to what I'm doing wrong, I think trick is to first scrape from Wikipedia option, then rescrape from launchbox online source to overwrite. Obviously the "only overwrite non existing meta data" option didn't seem to work for me. Nightmare, but at least I played some games today.

I'm probably doing something wrong in entire process that caused this issue, but that's my best option until told otherwise.

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