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I was wondering how to get Winarcadia to launch into the correct game?

For example, I want Winarcadia to launch into the AY-3-8550 machine directly into the Pong type game. As is, I have to press '{' to cycle through the different games to get to the correct one but I would like Launchbox to handle this.

Normally, I would assume setting Launchbox to run a macro of some sort but here's the complication:

Winarcadia remembers the last game type you left it at. What that means is that if I start winarcadia, press '{' 3 times to get to Pong and exit, the next time I launch Winarcadia I'm already at Pong. But If I want to play Hockey, I need to press '{' 1 more time. Next time I want to play Pong, I need to press '{' 6 more times.

So a simple macro won't do. I'm sure someone out there found a solution...

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2 hours ago, midd said:

can you go into a little more detail about this?

sure,  download mame, point your launchbox for this system to the mame.exe --> add the arcadia -cart comment to the section in my photo. Also don't forget to edit your mame.ini to include the path where your arcadia roms are located.  here is a photo of my mame.ini



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