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Importing Star Rating from LB Database


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Hello, i've noticed that i can implement a star rating on my themes, but then i download metadata, it doesn't download the star rating and i have to manually add them on the games. But on my profile from Launchbox Database the information is there. Is there a way do sync the ratings from the LB database to my games?

Thanks a lot.

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There are 2 different types of star ratings in LB that you can/have to implement independently from each other. Your personal ones (the only ones you can currently add to your theme) and the community ratings (the ones you see in the database).

Jason just recently added support for the community ratings inside LB in the latest beta version but as far as I understand it still needs to be added into BigBox as well.


If you want to try out the beta and be ready once Jason has added support for community ratings inside BigBox than you can activate beta updates in the LB options:

Tools -> Options -> General –> Updates

When you do this you should also follow this thread here for feedback, error reports and update news:


Or you just wait for the next stable release and work with placeholders for now. For example you could add the personal ratings twice and replace the second one with the community ratings once they were added.

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