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Annoying glitches


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"View Full Screen Video" shows a black screen.

Game snap sometimes doesn't update when selecting a new game in the list (I'll have the snap of the previous selection still there)

When selecting a game, I get the game's logo on the game screen and it seems like its working - and then I select a new game and I still see the previous game's logo!

Background art/videos constantly fading in and out is annoying - How can I just have one piece of background art per platform and be done with it? If I wanted an acid trip of graphics I would have gotten Hyperspin - certainly not a paid license.

Why no Favorites List? We just have the option of seeing Favorites 'first' in a list - and then those games are removed from their place later in the list! So someone searching for "Sonic 2", unaware it is a favorite, cannot find it! Please, I just want a simple favorites list per platform.

What's with the "Released by Company A, Company A released 14 other games bla bla . . " in most game descriptions? In all of these cases you can't even read the actual game info because this filler (that nobody cares about) takes up all real estate. Frustrating!

Don't get me wrong, this is great software. I just want to get it working and spend more time enjoying games and not squashing annoying bugs or explaining to guests why the background video shows "Mario 3" in the Super Mario Bros menu.

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1. If your are using VLC as video playback try switching to WMP. This has helped some (not all) with this issue. Jason mentioned he is working on fixing as he can replicate the issue. 

2. I have seen one other thread with a couple people having this issue but it was not resolved in the thread and I am not sure how common it is. Here. Sorry I have no insight as to how to fix this. 

3. Same as above. 

4. If you are talking about how it switches when you scroll through games I think that is pretty much theme drive. Try a different view in your theme or try a different theme. Some themes have static backgrounds. I know off the top of my head Nostalgia does only as I use it as one of my options. There may be a way in any theme to set a static background, but I never had a need to do that so never inquired or learned if there is. 

5. Favorites exists as a custom playlist you can create.  Add a new playlist, call it favorites, and you can either populate it yourself or have it auto-populate with those you mark as favorite or based on star rating. You can then have the Favorites playlist show up only in playlist views or add it to platform views. With auto-populate anytime you mark a new game as favorite it gets added to the playlist. 

6. Not sure on this as I do not see that type of data. Someone must care about it if the view and data exists. In BigBox settings you can go into game details and uncheck what you do not want to show up. If that is scripting in the description field you can manually edit any game's text there. 

By the way welcome to the forum. We have a lot of great and knowledgable members and mods. Hopefully they can help square you away and have you playing more.

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