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exiting issue with epsxe


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Is anyone experiencing issues when exiting the game in EPSXE stand alonefrom Launchbox?  Basically what is happening is that when I use my exiting short cuts from my joystick  a dialog window pops up and asks me "Really quit?"  and wont shut off until I hit the enter button on my keyboard?  Is this a known bug and is there a work around?  Keyboard ESC works just fine to get me back to the launchbox window.  ANy ideas here is gladly appreciated.

Im using a wireless xbox one controller and latest espxe downloaded today. v.2.0.5

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I did not know about the Script.  I have no idea where to put that.  I didnt see that in the video from both videos here.  Is there another video showing where or in written form.

But I was able to find where to put the Hot Key script and that worked.  Im sure it mentions the script somewhere on the forums.  I must have missed it.  Thanks for the help.


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Yeah I don't think either of the videos mention the AHK script at all and I know it is here in a few places on the forums since it is something that has been brought up before. The AHK script feature of Launchbox is very handy for certain problematic emulators such as ePSXe and Higan.

Glad you got it working the way you want it to now.

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