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  1. Could it be that the rom is just mislabeled? Maybe the rom is really extreme G ?
  2. This would be my guess too.
  3. That is a way to follow this post.
  4. Yes he was answering a question I had.
  5. Yes. Losing for now. Says some features are not implemented. I was asking which ones, meaning features, am I losing.
  6. I get that it's packaged with it. Neaning there are other .exe now. What I'm saying is if I go and hit the .next.exe and use that, what am I losing functionality wise. Thank you for the reply tho
  7. When and if I update to .next version what features am I losing with this version?
  8. This is a hard question to answer because if you have a modern Intel like the i3 8100 and possibly earlier ones as well then no it wouldn't help. If you have something that is a bit older than its possibe. Perhaps giving your current specs would help answer this correctly.
  9. That also could be the issue. When a customer calls me with an issue, if they tell me the video card failed and don't bring me the PC back then I can't test it. It very well maybe a uneducated customer that gives up on it. I just never would recommend d a Amd card. For the most part I install nvidia. They are having issues with 4k for games but they are working on getting it done by updates etc but still have their issues just like Intel is having issues. I don't know about amd and their issues.
  10. Nvidia seems to be a better option in my opinion. However I always lean away from Amd. I'e had more failures in the 15 yrs of building pcs with Amd cards.
  11. I dot even run a video card. I have the i3 8100. And Im able to run emulation just fine. I do have to lower my settings for rise of the tomb raider and most other pc games. But I'm content. I have my xbox one X for games I rely want in 4k or just a bit better looking graphics. I don't play many pc games or xbox for that matter so it doesn't bother me one bit.
  12. Um what' s wring with your specs? They are good enough to run most platforms well enough.
  13. Much easier when you post pics direct instead of links.
  14. Maybe someone can point out the major reasons why one would use Mame over retroarch would help me make my decision to try out mame.exe instead. I have working games with retroarch which was so much easier to setup for me. However, if there is something I'm missing in using the standalone, please by all means share.
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