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Launchbox Emptying Cache When Started


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I am having a strange issue with LaunchBox and I have had this problem for along time. I thought I had solved it a while ago by working out that changing the image quality settings in BigBox was causing the cache to empty. This was true, however the problem has come back again and I noticed what was happening but I don't know why it's happening. last night I completely populated the cache in BigBox. at highest settings, I then ran BigBox twice and all was fine the images were loaded up nice and fast. BUT when I then launched LaunchBox it took a little longer than usual to start and I checked my hard drive after it had loaded and the cache was empty again. launchBox with out a doubt emptied the cache as it started??? why would this happen? I will say this I store my cache on my SSD could this be a part of the problem?? I shouldn't think so?

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I think I have this Problem solved I hadn't installed the dependency's for the program LINK SHELL EXTENSION   that I was using to create a junction to the cache on my C drive. How I knew it was not working properly was the chain symbol on the file being junctioned had an arrow instead of the proper chain symbol. Their hasn't been a beta for a while now but I'll know if I fixed the problem after the next update. i

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