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Launchbox Database & EmuMovies - Colon in the Title & Missing Video


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Hey Guys,

So I notice that if there is a colon in the Launchbox Database Title for a game, the game is usually not found at EmuMovies preventing the game video from being downloaded.

Anybody else having this problem or have a workaround?  

I know I can go get the video and match it up, but I was trying to streamline the process so I do not have to do this.


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Dissidia: 012 Final Fantasy

Any help would be appreciated.


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You can right click the game, click edit, then down at the bottom "Download Images/Media" and see exactly what launchbox can download from emumovies. I just checked, and the colon in the title doesn't seem to be affecting what videos are available. At least, not all the time. But sometimes things do get missed on import. Try that method and let me know if under the emumovies tabs, you see the vid available. 

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Yeah that's working for a lot of the videos that didn't come through on import.  Thankyou!  Some games come up as not found entirely or just with no video to download.  So I guess there's still some things missing from the EmuMovies database.  I also did some research and found a few videos in the Video Snap Packs.  So that's another out.  Thanks for your help!

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No problem. It's worth noting that this issue can run deeper, as it is tied to your rom names.

First, yeah emumovies may be missing some vids, and those vids may in some few instances be available elsewhere like the emumovies ftp, because they are still in the user submission phase. In other words, they still have to go through quality check. (I think that's how that works). But there will be a few games with art just missing, more on obscure systems.

Also the downloading isn't 100 percent. It's pretty close, but its been my experience that for whatever reason (maybe server issues) launchbox might miss some available art or vids from emumovies.

Most importantly, launchbox has to recognize your rom, and filename and link it to its own database. The database isn't complete, but its pretty comprehensive even now, so when you right click and edit a game, the first thing you want to check is if it's matched with an entry in the LB database. IF it is, you'll see a lb database number in the top right of the edit screen. If it isn't, you can try changing the title in the search bar up top in the edit screen. There were a few games that the filename of my rom just missed the mark completely. 

I'm making this up, but as an example: Nolan Ryan Baseball All Stars.sfc might be the rom name. Searching for "Nolan Ryan" might yield no results, but searching for "Baseball All Stars" might find the game. So always try to change the title a bit and see if you can find the entry in the database if it isn't linked. If you do, you'll get all the artwork no problem. 



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